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Potential dates, apply here …

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Alex Pettyfer stars in I am Number Four.

Here we are in March already! Another year is just flying by. Once again, I am taking applications for potential dates. Well, I should somehow reword that.

My shrink told me that I have a pattern of always picking guys that are potential good partners and not someone who is, already in the present, ready for a stable relationship, making them more than just a potential success. I guess she is right.

I always pick people with a genuine good heart but always a project. Maybe that’s the attractive part, the challenge. For the moment I am done with projects, so apply only if you have more than the potential of being a good boyfriend. I will elaborate on my concept of a good boyfriend below.

San Francisco!

These past two weeks have been really busy, but a lot of fun, too.

I landed in San Francisco on two hours of sleep two weeks ago and went straight to Marlena’s (small bar somewhere in SF). I was there to host an event to benefit the Trevor Project, and of course, they decided to take bids for me to strip down to my undies. Things I do for charity!

So there I was sleepless and not feeling that pretty with the feeling that I was the item being sold at the swap meet. I did have a lot of fun and raised a good amount of money.

I then ventured to the street to catch a cab to the hotel. I felt like I was in New York and was going to have to cut a bitch in order to get a cab. I was so bored waiting for one that I was multi-tasking on Adam4adam and Grindr trying to fit a trick in my two hour window between events.

Needless to say, I got to the hotel and – like an old man that I am – I passed out.

Off to the next event I went until 11 p.m. that night, and of course I had to go to The Castro for my first time. My friends Chris Horton and Tony Monteleone showed me a great time. We went bar hopping and I was surprised to see how the streets were so busy with people walking around.

After a fun night I ended up at some pizza place where some hot big chested Latino guy was basically undressing me with his eyes while making slow movements with his tongue around his lips. Yeah, I felt like I was watching some cheap soft porn.

Speaking of porn.

Is anybody there?

I hired a well know porn start to make an appearance in San Diego.

Five days before the event I decided to text him just to make sure, because I know how flakey this industry is. His reply was, “Yes, we are confirmed for the bay area this weekend. Oh, hell no. I went from fabulous to ghetto in two seconds.

After multiple text messages, he basically told me that it wasn’t on his calendar. So, if you show up to the event to see Adam Killian and he is not there, chances are he forgot or decided to take a higher paying gig. In my opinion: just shady and tragic.

Lucky Daniels

Even more tragic was trying to find a replacement. When I thought we had someone referred by Adam, a huge problem came up: He is not familiar with public transportation. Come on, ladies! How hard is it to take the train from LA? I guess when you only have two working brain cells, and one of them goes in and out, it makes it difficult to perform such a challenging task.

I finally came across someone that not only was better looking than Adam, but was nice and smart. I could actually have a conversation with him. Imagine that. Thanks Lucky Daniels for setting a good standard of what a professional model should be.

Out and about

My friend Tony from New York came down to visit. It was my turn to show him a good time. We went from the airport straight to Baja Betty’s to have lunch with my friend Pascal from Jager. It just happened that it was his birthday and we had to celebrate with some shots.

Later on, we went to Fiesta Cantina for Taco Tuesday, then Mo’s for Tap That Ass, then Bourbon Street for Tasty Tuesday, and then we finally ended up at Pecs, where we stayed till the ugly lights came up.

Wednesday, I made it to Rich’s where I got to hang out with friends I haven’t seen in a long time. Good times. Out with Foreplay and in with Varsity.

Numbers was a blast on Thursday for their new College Night. I was like a kid in a candy store. Mom, can I take him home? Please!

I am Number Four

Great movie! Not only were the special effects great, but the movie just made me jump off my seat. I was not distracted for a second. Just a really cool movie!

I wish I could shine light from my hands! According to my ex, I shine light from another place. My heart maybe?

Good boyfriends

These are the basic things that I think are necessary for anyone to be a good boyfriend. Stress on “I think.”

Your opinion might be different. If you are going to call someone your boyfriend, then you should be affectionate, respectful, supportive and compromising.

For me, cuddling and good sex is also a must. I honestly think that these are basic human and logical needs in any relationship. What’s the point of having a boyfriend if you don’t feel and can see that someone cares about you?

What’s coming up?

March 12 is Barracks at Numbers with DJ Marcel. March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day and there are tons of events happening in town. March 18 is Born This Way Gaga pre-concert party at Rich’s, giving away three Lady Gaga VIP packages including two tickets with a VIP limo ride to the concert. On March 19 DJ/Producer Ralphi Rosario will be at Spin, and he is one my favorites.

I will leave you with this funny thing I heard this week, “Yeah, he’s hung like tic-tac!”

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