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Since I started writing this column for the San Diego LGBT Weekly, many new people have started to frequent many of the places that I’ve mentioned. I’ve had the pleasure to meet a few of them. I have been asked many questions about the leather community and have received comments like, “I have always been interested in the leather side of the tracks, but I was afraid of it because of the whips and chains and stuff, but now I have seen that the leatherfolk are really nice, out there, but nice. But then again, I’m here!”

Many of them have recognized my picture and called me by name. “Hey Mike, I read your column and I liked it and learned a lot.” Thank you for those kind words.

I give out my business cards and receive emails from guys like Ray, who on his first night at the Eagle was dressed in sweat pants, but the next weekend he was in jeans and boots. He told me he wanted to dress the part. Hey Ray, you looked good buddy! Now he knows that he can be a white collar business professional by day and a leatherman by night. I expect to see him again.

I also remember a conversation with a new member of the leather community. He who told me that he would only go to non-leather bars with his friends, then after a while he would escape and head over to the leather bar so he could let his hair down and be himself. What I’ve seen is that the leather bar is somewhat of a rite of passage to many men and women. The leather scene allows them to let it all hang out!

Speaking of letting it all hang out, if you have not made it yet, Numbers is jumping the first Saturday of each month with the Bear Dance. It’s off the hook!

I would also like to thank the community for the support given to Mr. Anthony Rollar during his Cigar Social at Bourbon Street. It was held upstairs in a very intimate setting and hosted by his partner, the dynamic GlitzGlam. Your support brought in about $1,000, all to help Anthony make his journey to International Mr. Leather (IML), Memorial Day Weekend. California is known for having great representation at the international leather events.

Out of all the cities across the United States, San Diego has a bumper crop of over achievers. We have consistently placed in the top ten at IML out of 50 plus contestants and done the same or better at the women’s contest as well. I could go on to name a few of the titles, but I run the risk of either making a mistake on the name or the title. People like Jo, Annie, Roadkill, Tom, Gary, Curtis, Wayne, Ron and Tom and Tim who mentored me and my siblings, Adam, Karen, Caryl, Robert, and Kelley. Then there are folks I’ve helped along like David, Bryan, Anthony, Miles, Cobi, Mickey, Mikey and Tiger. There is not enough space to name everyone, but they all know who they are and will love me anyway.

There is no set path to enter the leather community. You are normally introduced to someone who will introduce you to others and you grow on from there. It’s a very close-knit community all across the country. If you need a place to stay on your way to Ft. Lauderdale, someone knows someone who will take good care of you.

So what brings you to the leather community? Have you reached aged 40, and you’re looking for a seasoned Daddy? Are you a hot boy, looking to push your adrenaline levels to the max? Are you looking for change, something new, something different? Do you want to explore that side of you that’s yearning for attention? You’re in one of the best places to do it: San Diego! Our weather allows you to dress it up, or strip it down!

If you go to the bar the first time and you don’t meet anyone, then don’t worry! Take that opportunity to sit back, look around, and watch.

This past week at Pecs, during their Bear Night, I had the pleasure to meet a gentleman from Virginia. He was here on business and I asked him to join me and the guys at our table. We enjoyed his company for the rest of the evening. He said he would be back.

The leather community would also like to congratulate The Diamond Leather Puppy Prince Royale Michael Raymond Lobo and his Champagne Taste Princess Royale Pepper Price.

Here are some places where you can go to meet new folks:

• This Thursday night, April 21 stop by the San Diego Eagle for Yellow Hankie Night.

• California Leather Sir 2010, Miles B will host a Sunday Cigar and Boot Social, May 1 at 5 p.m. on the Redwing patio.

Any more questions, contact me at intlleathersir2003@cox.net.

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