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Summer’s nearly here

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Hot boys at Rich’s for their Laser Party.

Isn’t San Diego a wonderful city? It feels like summer already and that’s why I am on a diet! With summer and Pride around the corner, it’s time to get your A game on. Most of the guys already started so they could be ready for the White Party. I decided to stay in town and have my own party and went bar hopping from one place to another. Started at Numbers for the Glow Stick Party, then Rich’s for the Black Party and then to Spin for Club Papi. And that didn’t cost me $130.

Slow carb diet

Speaking of diets, I heard about this one and decided to do some reading and research on it. So here are the basic rules.

Rule 1. Avoid “white” carbs.

Rule 2. Eat the same few meals over and over again.

Rule 3. Don’t drink calories. Yes for diet sodas, ice teas and coffee (no sugar or cream). And funny enough wine is supposed to aids sports recovery and fat-loss.

Rule 4. One cheating day a week and call it “Dieters Gone Wild” day. Eat anything you want. That actually increases fat loss by shocking your body with an overload of calories keeping your metabolism from down regulating due to an extended caloric restriction.

For more information, Google Tim Ferriss slow carb diet. And of course: exercise!

Chicks with dicks

On April 9, I had the pleasure to judge the Queen USA 2011 competition in Hollywood. With me, on the panel were the President of Christopher Street West, aka Los Angeles Pride Rodney Scott, West Hollywood Mayor John Heilman and others. It was such a spectacular night with 16 transsexual contestants. They all looked like beauty pageant queens out of Miss USA and Rodney, John and I had a blast.

Mainly, when this entertainer was doing splits, we thought something was going to come untucked. I am not talking about RuPaul’s show.

After that I went to Micky’s in West Hollywood to meet up with some friends for a couple of drinks. They were having a disco flashback night. The crowd was going crazy with the top popular songs from that time. I think San Diego is due for a fun night like that. Back to the oldies!

Blast from the past

Check out the cool shirts at Izzms.com.

Not only the music and taste going back to the ’70s and ’80s, Converse shoes with undone shoelaces are back in style and so are the ’80s haircuts and tight tapered jeans.

Now I understand why my mother had 100 pairs of shoes in her closet. I always asked my Mom, “Why do you keep all this old stuff?” And she said, “Child, it always comes back in style at some point.” And she was right. It did come back in style over and over.

Party, party, party

With summer approaching quickly, a lot of new nights are popping around town.

The Brass Rail started two new nights. Rampart 2.0 on every first Friday is supposed to be a men’s night. Pretty much like Meat Rack at the Eagle in Los Angeles. I heard that the first night was OK, but not packed. The other night is Tagged Thursdays.

I went to check it out. While sitting there, talking to friends, one of them says, “Did you check in on Facebook?” I said, “No, I am busy actually talking to my friends and socializing and not on my phone for once.” This shows how technology has made us so disconnected on some levels.

On April 23, Rich’s is doing their Jungle Party. If you are not in a Tarzan mood, then Numbers is doing Score with DJ Marcel and Padres tickets giveaway.

April 28 is Dining Out for Life. Make sure you go eat at one of the participating restaurants and then drink at one of the bars that are part of this important event.

April 30, Eye Candy is celebrating its one year anniversary at Numbers with underwear party and guest performance by Eva.

Easter bunny

Thanks everyone that donated and helped us raise money and Easter baskets for the community children’s Easter egg hunt. If you are in the neighborhood, stop by on Sunday at Trolley Park and you will see hundreds of kids waiting for their Easter baskets.


I came across a profile on Facebook about a 19-year-old kid who has a website and a profile on A4A where he blogs about his bareback experiences and promotes bareback sex. I just don’t understand how people can still think that way, knowing how many people have lost their lives by having careless unprotected sex. Come on, it’s 2011 and we know better.

I am on my way to Orange County next. Last year I was there, I came back with a husband and a boyfriend. I will keep you all updated. Tootles.

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