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Opponents protest LGBT mayoral candidates

LGBT Democrats protesting against Carl DeMaio

Opponents of both Carl DeMaio and Bonnie Dumanis protested at the candidates’ mayoral campaign events over the past few days.

A group of LGBT Democrats organized a protest at a DeMaio fundraiser on Monday, June 27. While DeMaio was inside Eden (located at 1202 University Ave. in Hillcrest), a group of about a dozen people were outside protesting his record on LGBT issues – or lack of a record, according to a press statement.

“Carl DeMaio is gay, but is that enough?” asked Jess Durfee, chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party and treasurer of the California Democratic Party LGBT Caucus. “When he ran for City Council in 2008, there was a major attack on the LGBT community in the form of Proposition 8 also on the ballot. What did DeMaio do for our community against that awful proposition? Nothing. He didn’t say a word. The LGBT community needs a mayor who will speak out when we are under attack.”

The protest, however, did not affect the fundraising event, according to the DeMaio campaign.

“We had over 80 supporters in attendance compared to the 10-12 protestors. I think the huge show of support for Carl was a little demoralizing to the protestors because they left before Carl even spoke,” said Stephen Puetz, a spokesman for DeMaio. “The event was a huge success and we raised double what we had hoped to raise.”

Not Dumanis protestors

On Tuesday, June 28, an organization called Not Dumanis picketed outside her kickoff fundraiser at the Electra Building (located at 700 West E St. in downtown).

“Dumanis has dedicated herself to overturning the will of the voters and to destroying innocent lives in the process. Help us stop the Dumanis reign of terror,” according to the group’s Facebook page. While the group boasts more than 300 members, less than 10 participated in this week’s protest. The majority of those in attendance were members of Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a pro-medical marijuana organization.

“There are so many issues that are bad for San Diego,” said ASA Chair Eugene Davidovich.

“I’ve said many times that I support the legal, legitimate use of medical marijuana,” Dumanis told San Diego LGBT Weekly in a statement. “Under my leadership, the district attorney’s office has not, and will not file charges against a legitimate patient who is simply following the law to ease the pain of chronic illness. At the same time, I do not support drug dealers who hide behind the compassionate spirit of the law to make large profits, operate marijuana storefronts illegally and threaten public safety in San Diego’s neighborhoods.”

DeMaio, an out gay city councilman, is currently representing San Diego’s District 5. Dumanis is currently serving as San Diego district attorney, the first open lesbian DA in the country. If DeMaio or Dumanis win the election, then it will be the first time San Diego has elected an openly gay or lesbian mayor.

Also running for mayor are straight allies state Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, also a Republican, and U.S. Congressman Bob Filner, a Democrat.

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11 Comments for “Opponents protest LGBT mayoral candidates”

  1. Free the nature, free cannabis! We WILL NOT elect anyone who does as they wish and will not follow the will of the people they are supposed to represent…period! Do all the fundraising you like, money won’t always buy you the position!

    As far as protesting goes, most of us have to work or the numbers would have dwarfed their supporters. Remember those who are giving at these rallies are usually the rich expecting future favors!

    I’m putting you on notice Mr. DeMaio & Ms. Dumanis!

  2. Actually, there was no more than 30 guests at DeMaio’s event, though there were more than 20 outside protesting. They must have counted the ridiculous number of bouncers that were standing out front.

  3. Where ARE you?

    Durfee is correct — it’s not enough to just be gay. Every elected official should openly and forcefully advocate for social equality for LGBT community members. Democratic societies _need_ their leaders to push for inclusion and fairness. Not only for marriage equality, but also against housing and job discrimination, creating harsher penalties for hate crimes, discouraging bullying against gay youth, and taking the mantle of leadership as an elected official against narrow-minded policies like prop 8. Carl has not done these things.

    DeMaio’s spokesman should have replied to the substance of Jess Durfee’s comments and the protest. Instead he trivialized the discussion by providing transparently spiteful comments about the fact that people had the audacity to protest his boss. Petty and stupid. Tell me what DeMaio did on prop 8! Better yet, have DeMaio himself tell me why Jess Durfee is wrong.

    Tell me what you have done to make San Diego better for gay people…I’m waiting.

  4. Lisa Tontimonia

    Carl and Bonnie are great examples of why you should not just vote for some one just because they are openly gay. The Republican elite must really be pulling their hair out over these candidates. While Carl has only been at the seat of power for a short time, he has done little if anything to help the LGBT community. While Bonnie gives a little praise now and then for the most part, Bonnie forgot about us a long time ago in her quest for power and money. The big money donors are not going to allow Carl or Bonnie to ever make any real change in the Democratic LGBT community, we would only be fooling eachother to think that Carl and Bonnie want their careers to end at the mayors position. They are more likely to join the Republican war against the LGBT community then to ever help us in are quest for equality. Please share any photos of either Carl or Bonnie helping to defeat Prop 8. I bet their partners would be the first in line for benifits as a result of others efforts.

  5. Dear Friends,
    I was one of the 10 protesters outside the NOT DUMANIS fund-raiser. We caused quite a ruckus with Eugene’s bullhorn, some virulent signs and well-placed shouts. All Bonnie’s rich cronies and well-connected big shot patrons looked aghast at our presence there. We know they could hear us through the atrium windows and every dirty politician that came outside to leave suffered from some well-placed verbal jabs and insults from us. . Bonnie can look forward to more of this as we vow to hound her all along the campaign trail.
    I personally am not gay but whatever someone’s sexual preference is irrelevant when you decide whom to support for Mayor in 2012. A bad and corrupt politician can come in any color, size, or category and they should not be supported if what they do in the community is divisive and lacks integrity. Feel free to like our NOT DUMANIS Facebook page and enjoy the witty repartee and amusing pictures there. Thank you.

  6. Please do not “like” the Not Dumanis facebook page. It’s run mostly by Gail Powell–check her yelp postings of the Rock Church and see what she really thinks of gays.

    • Not in Jail (Gail)

      Dear friends, Yes it is I who is ONE of the THREE administrators of the NOT DUMANIS page. Yes, it is I who has written several Yelp reviews in favor of the Rock Church in Pt. Loma. I am proud to be a member of that church and am active in several different ministry groups such as Homeless, Prison, Writer’s Ministries as well as the JC’s Girls that visit strip clubs. My son and I volunteer to do the city clean-ups at the parks and fire stations and I have also participated in several Sleepless in San Diego events to raise funds for the Rescue Mission. I was one of the initial volunteers foe Chelsea’s Law and worked hard to get signatures to pass that law. I have taken up the cause of the Surfing Madonna in Encinitas and was one of the group working to protect Her from the city. I also volunteer at beach clean-ups for Surfrider and Coast-Keeper. I hope I do not sound like a terrible person to you.

      Since I read the Bible and know of God’s desire to love one another and care for each other like brothers and sisters, I have nothing against anyone who is gay. My Yelps in support of the Rock Church are a direct reaction to all the hit pieces that have gone up against them. Another thing I dislike is INJUSTICE and UNFAIRNESS, which is why I am against Bonnie Dumanis. NOT BECAUSE SHE IS GAY! HER SEXUALITY is irrelevant to her unethical behavior and her persecutions of ill medical marijuana patients and others (such as myself) too destitute to properly defend themselves is what seized my attentions. To Repeat: Please take a look at the NOT DIUMANIS Facebook page and decide for yourself, irregardless of my Yelps on the Rock Church. God Bless you.

      • Once again people, Gail Powell constantly mentions Bonnie’s sexuality and her rich “lesbian lover”. In her yelp postings, she mentions Bonnie hating hetero single moms. She supports the Rock Church, which did everything in its power to take away our rights to marry.

        Please do NOT support this crazy gay hater. Gail Powell only wants gay support because of her hatred towards Bonnie. She’ll throw you under the bus (and your sexuality back in your face) if she think it might draw one more supporter to her lame facebook page.

        • I happen to really like the NOT DUMANIS Facebook page and I am not so heavy on the gay agenda that I castigate people who otherwise seem like decent souls. I have read the Rock Church Yelps & keep an open mind on topics. I would never accuse anyone of being a gay-hater if I didn’t actually know them personally. Bonnie Dumanis is a bad D.A. and I do not plan to support her-whether she is a lesbian or not. I think that Jail Gail should be ashamed of him/herself & would not be surprised if this Jail Gail is a Dumanis lackey trying to keep people off the NOT DUMANIS page. From what I read Bonnie Dumanis did to Gail Powell, she has ever right to hate Bonnie. Looks like Bonnie picked on the wrong woman to mess with this time.

          • I’ve read the yelps as well. 27 reviews is hardly “several”–in fact, it’s downright insane, clearly done deliberately to try the counter the negative ones when the Rock Church lobbied to take away a civil right.

            Vote for the person you want, but don’t come pandering for gay support without disclosing your true colors.

  7. PLEASE report the news. No mention of Anthony Gioffre, questioning DeMaio on what can we do about AIDS surviviors seeking employment opportunities and the entire generation of displaced survivors. Report the damn news. This is a sham.

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