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Michele Bachmann signs anti-gay pledge

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Michele Bachmann signs anti-gay pledge\Source: Michele Bachmann for President

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann signed a controversial pledge on Thursday that established her intent to implement rigid anti-gay policies if elected.

The Candidates’ Pledge, also known as The Marriage Vow, was created by The Family Leader, a prominent Iowa group that promotes Christian conservative social values. Bob Vander Plaats, CEO of the conservative organization, said the decision to seek pledges resulted from the New York legislature’s approval of same-sex marriage, as well as recent sex scandals involving high-profile political figures.

Presidential hopefuls who sign the pledge must agree to personal fidelity to his or her spouse, the appointment of constitutionalists as judges, opposition to any redefinition of marriage, and prompt reform of uneconomic and anti-marriage aspects of welfare policy, tax policy and divorce law.

According to Politico, candidates must also vow to take a firm stance against human trafficking, abortion, infanticide and prostitution, and support legal advocacy of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Bachmann is the first and, thus far, only candidate to sign The Marriage Vow, although Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty is currently reviewing the pledge.

Former Michigan Governor Mitt Romney, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum and retired Georgia businessman Herman Cain declined to comment on their respective positions regarding the pledge.


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3 Comments for “Michele Bachmann signs anti-gay pledge”

  1. You should publicise the actual text of her plegde, it shows her up as the ridiculous hypocrit she is. A quick summary of the most contradictory ‘articles’ of the pledge…
    2. ‘Respect for the marital bonds of others’ (obviously excepting the gays of NYC)
    5. ‘Recognition of the overwhelming statistical evidence that married people enjoy better health, longer lives, etc’ (as she excludes gays this contradicts article 3’s pledge to uphold the constitution–life, liberty happiness and all that).
    11. ‘Rejection of sharia Islam and other forms of totalitarian control’ (except when using Christian ideology to limit the freedom of gays–see articles 7 and 8!).
    14. ‘Defence of first amendment’s rights to freedom of religion’ (she loves this amendment as (bizarrely) she seems to think it gives her a right to enforce her religious views on everyone else!).

    If I believed in god, I’d pray from him to keep this idiot (and anyone else who signs this) out of the White house.

  2. It’s not anti-gay, it’s pro-marriage. Stop playing the victim in every situation. Eventually you’ll run out of credibility.

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