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The leather world is watching San Diego

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The San Diego leather community is evolving into one of the premier communities within the U.S. There has been a lot of attention on us lately and I think it’s about time that we recognize ourselves. Wow, what a showing!

Not only have we managed to capture the attention of the world with the pride of our military community, we have also managed to bring attention to what’s going on in San Diego. During San Diego’s Leather Pride in March, San Diego received honorable mention and a vast amount of accolades in the Leather Journal, a worldwide leather publication. That sparked the interest of a lot of out-of-towners, who then descended on San Diego to attend the 2012 California Leather Sir/boy Contest in June. Then in July, we stepped it up with the Leather Realm’s “Back Alley” at San Diego Pride. It was filled with a plethora of education, instruction, history and all the information that you would need to get started on your leather journey.

“Journey” is a catchword in the leather community. Everyone who started down the leather path feels compelled to tell the world what a journey it has been. A journey filled with experiences that each man and woman in the leather community can only explain because each one is unique.

Why? The leather community is very unique! Unique in such a way, that everyone has a kink or a fetish that they discover, and then realize that there are others who share the same. Yes, kinky birds of a feather do flock together.

And it was evident at this year’s San Diego Pride. We were honored to have in our presence Mama Sandy Reinhardt of San Francisco, owner/editor of the Leather Journal Dave Rhodes, American Leatherman Louie, Mr. Long Beach Leather Ian, California Leather Sir Sam, California Leather boy zack, Mr. San Diego Leather 2011 Kurt, Ms. San Diego 2011 Beanstalk and of course Mr. San Diego Leather 2010 Anthony Rollar, who was also second runner-up 2010 of International Mr. Leather, just to name a few of California’s finest.

I know for sure that on Saturday the San Diego Leather Realm “Back Alley” at the Pride Festival had more than 7,000 guests. I witnessed men and women receiving instruction on flogging and other BSDM techniques. It was done in very good taste, not to scare the general public and I know for sure it piqued a few curiosities.

It was a great production, but I must say I was very disappointed to learn that someone entered the Leather Realm on Saturday night and vandalized the area. You know what happened after that? The San Diego community did what we do: we banded together, cleaned up the place, and vowed that the education must go on! Talk about making lemons into lemonade.

That’s why I am proud to be a member of the San Diego leather community. We put in a lot of time, a lot of caring and a lot of understanding to make this a great place!

It was great seeing a lot of you while I marched in the parade with the leather contingent. A lot of you knew me, and those that didn’t I was glad to meet you.

Next weekend, a few of us will travel up to Los Angeles to attend the Pantheon of Leather Awards and the Mr. and Ms. Olympus contest, sponsored by the Leather Journal. Each year, members of the leather community are nominated and recognized for their contributions to the leather community and the LGBT community as a whole. I had the honor of being nominated for the Southern California region one year. The event is Aug. 5-7.

The events in San Diego will slow down a bit this time of year because it’s vacation time. I told you before that San Diegans travel in packs. Quite a few folks will be going to Dore Alley this weekend in San Francisco. I’ll be in town, checking out the Gay Men’s Chorus production, Guy Tunes!

You can find a lot to do here in “America’s Finest City!” Stop in at Pecs on any given night and hang out with the Bears on Wednesday night. If you’re feeling a little bit more animalistic, check out the Puppies at the Eagle, also on Wednesday night! Say “Hi” to Britt behind the bar! Thursday is yellow hanky night at the Eagle. Need I say more?

On Friday evening Aug. 5 it’s the fifth annual swap meet at the Joyce Beers Center in Hillcrest, sponsored by Club-X and San Diego League of Gentleman (SDLOG).

After you lunch on Saturday afternoon, join California Leather Sir 2010 Sir Miles for a cigar social in the upstairs lounge at Bourbon St., starting at 3 p.m. And to round Saturday out, at 9 p.m., head up Park Avenue to Numbers for the Bear Dance.

These are a few things you definitely don’t want to miss. Bring a friend or one of those out-of-towners you met on Friday night that came to San Diego to see what’s going on.

Keep those cards and leather coming: Intlleathersir2003@cox.net. If you miss my printed column, you can go online and read back issues at lgbtweekly.com.

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