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I am who I am; I am my own special creation

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Summer is just flying by. It’s almost September and I haven’t been able to hit the beach yet. This has been a busy summer for me. It’s been a very reflecting summer.

Funny to think how at one point in your life you’re fighting to get married and later on fighting to get divorced. I am in the middle of the legal process and it can get expensive and time consuming. Think twice before you sign those papers. This is divorce No. 2 for me. First was my wife. I know; can you imagine me married to a woman? If she didn’t get the clue when we were watching Queer as Folk together then she must be a closeted lesbian. She was my first girlfriend at 17 and I got married at 21.

Do you see the irrational pattern here? I am a very romantic and impulsive person which puts me in these situations. But how boring would life be without taking chances? Even with all the drama involved I don’t regret any of those decisions. They shaped me on who I am.

I feel like singing, “I am who I am. I am my own special creation. So come take a look. Give the hook or the ovation.” Oh God, I am gay!

The Help

I just saw the movie The Help. It was incredible. You must see it if you haven’t. It will for sure win the Oscars next year. I almost cried a couple times, but some other parts were just hilarious. Now, if I don’t like you and for some reason I decide to bring you a pie, be aware! You might be eating my …

I also saw the Rise of the Planets of the Apes and the movie was good to a certain point; then it just got to the point that I was asking myself, “Where in the hell is this going?”


Last year, I went to CityFest and ended up at the Brass Rail and don’t remember leaving. It was one of those days. I heard that I was having a lot of fun booty dancing all the way to the floor.

This year I was already tired from the night before. I only made a short visit to Babycakes and they were just packed. It was like a circuit party there. Babycakes is really becoming a popular place.

Urban Mo’s had a line around the corner all day and the Brass Rail was just nuts when I walked by. Looks like CityFest is becoming a major gay event.

On Monday, I went to the Brass Rail with a friend for their ’80s night and I had a blast. It brought back high school memories. On Tuesday, also at the Brass Rail, was the monthly The Card industry party. This event happens once a month at different venues. For more information visit thecardsd.com. The next event will be at Numbers on Sept. 13.

Facebook friends

I want to clarify something that happened last week. People were shocked by me posting my HIV results on Facebook. After talking to some friends I realized that my action might be interpreted in a wrong way. Let me make clear that in no way was I trying to degrade or imply that HIV negative people are better than positive. I had and still have HIV positive people that are very important in my life. My reaction was just a response to some rumors that were going around that I was “sick” because I lost weight.

I am just tired of the generalization that just because you are gay and something changes then automatically you have HIV. This is 2011 and we need to stop making such a big deal out of things. That’s the reason why so many people never disclose their status. They are afraid and ashamed due to this generalization and judgment within our own community.

People that know me closely know that I would’ve posted if the result was positive. It’s just who I am. Crystal clear and black and white. I guess honesty is just shocking to people when they are not expecting it.

Labor Day weekend

Another crazy weekend is coming up. There are a lot of events going on for Labor Day weekend. Start your party at Michael Mack’s cruise on the bay Saturday, Sept. 4 at 4 p.m. with DJ Marcel and DJ Luis Perez. Rich’s will once again have their Massive event on Saturday, Sept. 3. That same night Numbers is doing their monthly Bear Night. Mo’s is doing a Jungle Party weekend and of course their popular Recovery Monday Tea Dance.

Nicky Awards and FilmOut San Diego

FilmOut San Diego started on Aug. 19 and it’s closing this weekend. The San Diego LGBT Weekly is a day sponsor this coming Friday, Aug. 26. For tickets and schedule information visit filmoutsandiego.com. All films will be showing at the Birch North Park Theatre.

Also this weekend is the 36th Annual Nicky Awards. Get your tickets on line at nickyawards.com. The event was sold out last year. All the proceeds will benefit the LGBT Center, Lambda Archives and the Imperial Court.

A Note to my Kid

Last week, I met with Patrick Wallace and Mike and they are the co-founders of a Web site called aNoteToMyKid.com. I was crying reading all these letters from parents all over the United States and even some from Europe. It’s very touching and with no doubt very important to kids that are coming out and insecure to see that it’s OK to be yourself. Just an amazing idea!

I will be helping them launch their new Web site.

Short URL: http://lgbtweekly.com/?p=14436

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