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It started at the gym …

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In my last column I asked if anyone had a story about their personal life that they would like to share. I also stated that I would print it in the column. Here it is.

“I was in my late 20s and I too came from the country, in a mid-western town. I was a jock in high school, so I’ve always worked out and stayed in good shape. I noticed other guys in the shower during my high school and college sports. I caught a glimpse of others looking at me and I stole a few glances myself. In college I was surrounded by other physically fit guys. At that age, it was very common to become somewhat aroused in the shower and I think since we all were in the same boat, no one said anything. I graduated with a degree in business management and landed a job here in San Diego. One of my first priorities was to find a good gym; so I started shopping around. I found a gym with a running track inside, so I figured I could get some cardio in and then hit the weight room after warming up so I could stay in shape. Although the gym had a steam room, I didn’t have time because I was working out at lunch. So afterwards, I would take a quick shower and head back to the office.

One day, I got very busy with a project at the office and I missed my lunch time workout, so I decided I would go after work and still get my workout in. I was surprised at the number of folks who worked out in the evening. I changed, headed for the track for a run and then to the workout area. I found that I could take my time, so I had a really good workout. As I headed for the shower, I decided to take a quick rinse stop in the steam room to relax my aching muscles. To my surprise, I couldn’t see very much, but I noticed that some of the men sat very close to each other, but I didn’t think anything of it. I sat down on the bench and my leg rubbed the guy next to me and I apologized. He said, “No problem!” Mmm … I thought to myself and continued to feel the heat of the steam as it relaxed my aching body; it felt good. I accidentally brushed his leg again as I adjusted my towel, and I apologized again. This time, he touched my leg and said, “It’s OK!”

Afterwards, as I showered I noticed out of the corner of my eye that someone was looking at me. It was him, he was in great shape. I noticed that he had broad shoulders and nice abs. He caught me looking back. I stepped out to dry off, went to the lockers, and as everyone knows how it works in the gym, there can be only two people in the gym and 50 lockers and your locker will always be right next to each other. There he was, standing next to me. Then he asked me the gym question, “You have a good workout?” I replied that I normally worked out at lunch, but I got busy in the office, so I had to work out that evening. We looked into each other’s eyes and it was then I knew I wanted to get to know him. I got dressed and told him that maybe I would see him around.

Fast forward a week later, Friday night; I was out walking in my neighborhood after grabbing a quick bite to eat. I looked up and there he was, walking toward me. We stopped, acknowledged each other and he asked me if I wanted to grab a beer. I said, “Sure!” He said there is a place right around the corner where we could grab a beer and shoot a game of pool. That sounded good to me. We walked into a bar called Shooters, and there were about three or four pool tables with guys shooting pool. We ordered a couple of beers and then realized we would have to wait for a table. That gave us a chance to talk. It was then that we discovered we had similar backgrounds. He too was a jock, and had moved to San Diego from Oklahoma after college. I kind of suspected he was gay, but for some reason, that didn’t matter. He was a great guy. We shot a few games of pool, had a few more beers, then left the bar and went our separate ways. I couldn’t wait to meet up with him at the gym next week.

The next week, I changed my workout schedule to after work. For four days I went to work out, looked around for him and he was not there. Then on Thursday night, on my way to my car, he stopped me in the parking lot and told me that he had gone out of town on business and arrived back in town that afternoon. He asked me if we could start training together. I agreed. We met every day at 5:30; worked out, hit the steam room, sat next to each other, legs touching. Then one evening as we left the gym, he put his hand on my shoulder and asked me to stop by his place. I agreed. I followed him and discovered he only lived a block away from me. We went in and watched football films from his college days. We had a few drinks, talked, laughed and then we looked into each other’s eyes. Shooter’s is now closed; it’s now True North. Wolf’s bar is closed; it’s the Blue Foot.

Fast forward, it’s been 15 years now, and we’re looking into each other’s eyes the same way we did that first evening, ‘at the gym!’”

I am sure there are a few more personal stories in the leather community that are just as compelling. If anyone else has a story, email me at intlleathersir2003@cox.net.

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