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Theater experiences that bring a smile to my face

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For theatrical events, what a great town we live in. Look at our choices of old favorites and originals here in San Diego and its nearby regions; comedy, drama, Elizabethan, musical, horror, etc. and the quality is top notch. Most from Broadway, but some heading that way!

Need I tell you several productions or those participating in them are gay friendly, if not out-right gay. Do yourself a favor, enjoy them and support the gay community. There are several ways to get half-price tickets, so get some friends together (don’t wait for a call, you call), have dinner or lunch first and then hit the show. If possible, don’t be shy about contributing financially. Many of the companies, like Blanche, depend on the kindness of strangers.

Got some free time? Call and see if you can take part in a wonderful experience, usually on a volunteer basis, but not always. Lots of choices; ticket-booth, usher, backstage, costume, carpenter, electricians, etc. as well as acting. More important is the great people you’ll meet and fun you’ll have.

I’ve enjoyed acting on stage as well as doing a lot behind the curtains (I mean backstage) and you will too. The crazy things that happen will bring smiles to your face years later. I’ll never forget my high school’s production of something of undoubted worthiness called Danse Macabre. Cast as the Grim Reaper was poor Richard Carson, known thereafter as the Dick of Death. In university I recall Suzy Dunn as Amanda, in The Glass Menagerie, polishing the furniture like mad, but, as in rehearsal, not bothering to take off the large, seen-by-all cap on the bottle of polish in her hand. In The Crucible midst a poignant prison scene “Red” Adlmann in full pilgrim costume crossing up stage in back of the lovers eating a hot dog. Linda Lavin (TV’s “Alice”) lying unconscious on a two-piece sofa that slowly began to separate in the middle. As her rear began to sink into the crevasse, two actors casually strolled to the ends and rammed them together. Linda’s body leaped like she’d been goosed, but she kept in character and continued lying there, not realizing the pincer movement had slid her skirt practically up to her belly-button.

OK; a little about your columnist – the Bill in “Bill’s Briefs:” On a USO tour while I was playing an Eskimo (don’t ask), a dancer crashed into me sending my long-haired wig flying up into the air, but fortunately, I caught it as it came down. The audience went wild. I wanted to keep it in the show, but the director (the star’s “friend”) angrily ordered it tied down with a chin strap. It seems some “stars” can’t take a little competition.

From my senior perspective the on-stage event of greatest interest is by Moliere, one of France’s and the world’s greatest playwrights and actors. When starring in his own masterpiece, The Imaginary Invalid, as the curtain came down, he had a heart attack, was carried off and died backstage listening to the applause – what a way to go; and talk about a grand finale.

Trump that Lady Gaga.

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