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Dawg gear to really get you barking

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“Ruff” or cute, RubberDawg hoods run the gamut.

Let’s talk about gear. Dawg gear, and then some! When visiting the San Diego Eagle or most leather bars across the world, you might have had the pleasure of making the acquaintance of a puppy, wolf or perhaps a pig bought you a drink. Well, we all know that kinda pig. But this one, looks like an actual pig. Yes, with ears and the nose! Some of you are asking why? It’s a fetish! Continue reading, open your mind and by the time you’re done consider this an education.

Let’s start at the beginning. Scott Moats, a long time resident of San Diego, got his start as a custom window displayer, and one weekend in Palm Springs transitioned into Rubberdawg. His passion for making props and molds out of latex to create mass skulls, gargoyles and monsters led him to become the owner of Rubberdawg.com, a hood, glove and paw artist. They are not masks, but hoods that fit over the entire head and neck, and zip in the back. Clients measure their head and neck and then send the measurements in so that he can make a custom fitted hood that fits snug and gives an almost painted-on look. The hoods are fully functional. You can see, breath through the nostrils, and consume whatever you desire. I tried on a dog hood and paws, and found it to be quite comfortable. Scott defines his hoods as fetish wear or personalized gear. Why fetish? It takes all kinds to make the world go around. He ships the hoods out to pretty much every country; Australia being the farthest place and home to his best clients.

Some clients send in photos of their pets to have a custom hood made to look like Fido!

Another big fetish community are the furries; folks who dress up like animals. They are called mascots. They come in lots of exotic colors. Furries seek out Rubberdawg to help get them ready to attend “Furry” conventions; mostly on the East Coast. Maybe that’s an East Coast thing because of the cooler weather, which will allow one to dress as and go out looking like a polar bear. You can also find furries at International Mr. Leather in Chicago. Although Halloween is coming up, Rubberdawg’s busiest time of the year runs from September through January. He says it never slows down. It takes eight days to make one hood, but he produces seven at a time; sculpting and creating molds out of clay; mixing colors; and applying 43 coats of liquid latex to each hood. The ears go on last. Although this has nothing to do with Easter, Scott says “rabbits,” are becoming very popular. Mmmm … how apropos, “rabbits” for a fetish community. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re probably right – like a rabbit. You can even be a Dalmatian, if you like. One of his most unique requests was for a dragon wolf hood, with horns. If you’ve ever seen a movie called Waldo the Dog, the character Waldo is wearing a dog hood. You can also get an up close and personal look at Rubberdawg’s craft at Mankind in San Diego, RoughTrade and 665 in L.A., or ToughStuff Leather in Phoenix.

The hoods aren’t for everyone, especially if you have an allergy to latex. Don’t do it! Others have been known to wear their hoods continuously; for an entire week. You do need to take it off and wash your face from time to time; good hygiene. His clientele is 90 percent male, but there is a 10 percent chance you will find a woman behind the hood!

I asked Scott what’s coming up in the fall fashion of hoods. Well if you don’t have them, these will be a “must have;” tails, feet and muzzle hoods that will allow more of the face to breath, and where your facial expressions can be seen. And get this, “Rub-bot” hoods, ones that make you look like a robot. They will all be made out of rubber. If you want to hang out with other like minded pups, wolves, pigs, cats, tigers, lions and even cheetahs stop by the San Diego Eagle on any given night. I like Thursday through Sundays myself, and you will be welcomed with open paws. Meet some local pups like Britt, a stray, and bartender, Beep, also at Mankind, or Slut Pup Chris, California Leather Pup 2011, then there is Gmork, a long haired adorable pup. They are all very friendly, don’t bite, but howl a lot! But that’s OK too. Then go to Rubberdawg.com to get some gear. You can also email him at rubberdawg@sbcglobal.net. If you haven’t heard, Oct. 21 I will be interviewing another adult entertainer, Dayton O’Connor, at the Eagle. Two weeks ago I interviewed Dominik Rider – very nice!

I would like to take a moment to say so long to Don Mentik, Mr. Palm Springs Leather 2003. You’re in our hearts and may your spirit rest. Enjoy the other side, my brother.

Thanks for your emails. Next weekend, I will be the reporter covering “The Bears,” at BearQuake. They don’t wear hoods, but they’re furry, frisky and friendly! I hope to see you Friday night at Pecs for the meet and greet and Saturday at Rich’s for the contest. Heads up, the San Diego Eagle is taking a bus trip to Palm Springs on Sunday, Oct.16. Get your tickets now! And remember, “What happens on the bus stays on the bus!” To my fellow servicemembers, come out, come out wherever you are, the leather community is where we got our start! More on that later. Mike – intlleathersir2003@cox.net.

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