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Start thinking Halloween costumes – now!

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A real doll, but not real

October is here. And yes, it’s time to unleash your creativity and gayness by starting to think about your Halloween costume. You will need the basic tools to survive this battle. Hot glue gun, lots of rhinestones, feathers, wigs and sometimes lots of glitter. And keep in mind, best way to shop for next year is picking the costume accessories and pieces left behind by the hot tranny messes. So, roll up your sleeves and let the spirit of Martha Stuart turn your body into a Halloween canvas!

Go Trevor!

Before I took off to San Francisco I attended the event for the Trevor Project at Eden. Eden has been very active in consistently stepping up for community events and worthy causes. This one was a fantastic and fun event. I had a blast. Congrats to Tony Phipps for putting on a great and successful event. During a conversation with him on my way out, he mentioned that event planning is not his cup of tea. That made me think of the immensity of putting on the Nickys.

Tony, you are just too modest; I’m learning a lot from you.

Patrick Wallace, of aNotetoMyKid.comThe Trevor Project and aNoteToMyKid play important roles in our community. With that said, Nicole and I have decided to put a Scary Bingo night together at Bourbon St. Oct. 26 from 8-11 p.m., with more than $2,500 in prizes. The proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project and aNoteToMyKid. Stop by and help us raise money for these two incredible causes.

Play ball!

The Autumn Classic Softball Tournament is this coming weekend and their official closing party will be at Numbers Sunday, Oct. 9 from 5-9 p.m. Proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project. Stop by to see some hot boys!

Little by little we are getting there

This was a good week starting with the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. I attended the event at the LGBT Community Center and it was packed with wonderful people that have been either serving our country in silence or supporting someone who has been serving our country. Of course, the repeal inspired a number of celebrations including one at Bourbon Street that same night. Rich’s, in collaboration with Steve Pena, brought back the highly popular Military Madness party Saturday, Sept. 24. I heard there was a line from 10:30 p.m. until close.

On a side note, that same night was the grand opening of Jeffrey Sankers’ new night at Eden. Word is that Steve Pena kicked his ass with Military Madness. Why would you launch a night for that crowd on Folsom Street weekend? Makes no sense. Speaking of Folsom …

Folsom Street 2011

I just happened to have an Imperial Court event in San Francisco the same weekend as Folsom Street, so I decided to make a weekend out of it. I’ve been to Folsom once before with my mom and stepdad. And, with my ex-husband on a leash. My mom was more into it than I was. Highlight was when she said, “Son, I think he’s going to fist him!” as she grabs her camera out of her bag. I just walked away. This year I was so tired and busy that I didn’t even go out on Saturday night and only made it to Folsom for about two hours. It was great to just walk around with an old friend of mine and catch up. The only bad part was when we got stuck under the famous window with the guy in a mask doing you know what! Everyone had their camera out and you couldn’t move anywhere. I had the guy next to me saying, “Open your mouth.” and the girl on the other side saying, “It’s about to rain on us.” And that’s when I said, “Oh hell, no,” and pushed my way to the other side of the street. Funny thing is that when the guy stopped before “finishing up” the crowd booed him. Pigs. I went out Friday, and God was I messy. Needless to say I was feeling pretty and couldn’t find a cab and thought I could just walk from the Castro to Union Square. Big mistake. Keep in mind I was wearing this tight V-neck shirt that was screaming gay. Some parts on Market Street were not so pretty, to the point I had 911 ready to dial on my phone. It’s a good thing I was brought up in Rio and I am pretty street smart. To end my journey, I lost a bag at a BART station on my way to the airport. And there went my D&G watches and some other valuable things. On the bright side, my insurance was very kind to me.

Real Doll

As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy and no time to even go on a date. And that’s when I came across this new friend on realdoll.comNick, Michael or Nate and the options are endless. From skin, eye and hair color to penis size and pubic hair color. He only costs about $6,000. A lot cheaper than a lot of my boyfriends have cost me in the past and he doesn’t argue with you, doesn’t cheat and no need to use protection.

What’s cooking?

Spin is doing a special gay event again Oct. 22 to welcome back all the boys that haven’t jumped off an Atlantis Cruise. We all know they will all be ready to continue the party. Also, I heard that there is a new monthly party that might be popping up at a downtown venue soon. Think exclusive, underground, fun and crazy. I will keep you posted.

Dear Grindr

Dear Grindr, could you please move the favorite button away from the block button? I have to say that I feel stupid. I always thought it was mean and rude to block people if they didn’t do anything to you, until I was told that by doing that you can see more people that you haven’t seen before. Duh, you only have 100 little squares to fill and they can’t be wasted on friends or people you have no interest in talking to. So I went block crazy. And in that process I kept adding people to my favorites instead of blocking them and vice-versa. They are way too close together.

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