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Vandals destroy gay nativity scene in Los Angeles

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A gay-inspired nativity scene at a Claremont church outside of Los Angeles was vandalized by criminals over the weekend. Authorities are investigating the incident as a hate crime. Claremont United Methodist Church has displayed unusual nativity scenes thereby known to create controversial presentations, and this year, the nativity scene featured a Christmas gathering along with […]

Update: ‘Sissy’ calendar pulled by Amazon, Barnes & Noble

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Cartoonist Joe King released a calendar Wednesday which depicts gay people as ‘sissies’ and ‘sexually confused,’ sparking an outrage amongst LGBT circles. King defends the calendar, noting that the release comes in wake of already distributed material including “reprints of nationally distributed work several years old,” he said. King added via his Facebook page that, […]

Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul for president

Miss Independent pop singer Kelly Clarkson announced Thursday that she endorses republican hopeful Ron Paul for president, despite the recent press Paul has garnered for anti-gay and racist comments arising from newsletters published in his name between 1980 and 1990. “I love Ron Paul,” Clarkson posted. “I liked him a lot during the last republican […]

Advocacy group says breast implants save the lives of transgender people

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The Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL) says that breast implants are a life and death matter for transgender people who need the operation to function in their new identity. In their study, the group found that transgender people who are denied the operation are more likely to commit suicide than […]

Same-sex couples can lose up to $6,000 a year in tax benefits

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A new study at CNN Money reveals that couples in same-sex marriages lose nearly $6,000 a year in federal tax benefits since the federal government does not legally recognize their union. While same-sex spouses are entitled to some state benefits, the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) prevents those married legally in their states to file […]

New York transgender woman beats down subway rider for calling her a man

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A transgender woman and her girlfriend is shown beating down a subway rider for shouting out “that’s a man” as the two friends were headed into the train. Huffington Post is reporting the video has made its rounds throughout LGBT circles after the disparaging remarks went viral on YouTube. The video’s author writes: “Morning after […]

Utah school criticized for outing student to parents

LEHI, Utah – A school district in Utah has come under criticism for its decision to tell the parents of a student that he is gay. The school claims it was being “proactive” about preventing bullying. The parents of the student have decided to keep him home until attention surrounding the issue dies down. A […]

Discrimination against gays, lesbians OK in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. – The Virginia State Board of Social Services has voted for a second time to strip legal protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation, religion, age, gender, disability, political beliefs and family status from final rules governing licensed adoption and foster care agencies. The board originally voted to strip the protections in April, […]

Russia looks to criminalize being gay, bisexual or lesbian

CURRENT WORLD AFFAIRS QUESTION: What do Russia, Uganda and Nigeria have in common? Other than the fact that all three are oil-producing countries (albeit Uganda as a fledgling oil producer), they are all involved in creating legislation banning homosexuality in one way or another. While Sharia law courts in northern Nigeria have already sentenced people […]

1929 picture perfect

Usually, I do a little bit of research about a movie before I see it. At least, I’ll scan the entry on IMDb.com, just so that I have an idea about what I’m about to see – some plot threads, the resumé of the actors or director, and the like. Though I won’t read anyone […]

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