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Significant others: A chat with Brent and Olivia of ‘Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys’

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Brent Young and Olivia Sarratt McCarthy in the Sundance Channel original series ‘Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys’

The concept of how the lives of gay men and straight women converge into a wonderfully complex and rewarding friendship, which is akin to having a wife and husband, respectively, has been the focal point of Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys (Fridays, 9 p.m. on the Sundance Channel).

The second season of the Sundance Channel’s look at these couples includes Brent Young and his gal pal Olivia Sarratt McCarthy, who are the epitome of the Friends theme song; as they will be there for each other when the rain starts to fall.

And this season, it looks like the real-life Will & Grace better batten down the hatches in Nashville, Tenn. as they deal with Brent’s increasing dependency on alcohol, following an abusive relationship ending. And, their segments on the show also highlight Sarratt’s attempts to balance career, homo and family with Young being a big factor in her life, and vice versa. The duo – who has been nicknamed Laverne & Shirley by the other man in Sarratt’s life, her spouse Dan – met more than one year ago and developed an instant kinship.

San Diego LGBT Weekly chatted with this dynamic duo about the ups and downs of their particular friendship, and what it’s like to have theirs on display for the world to see.

San Diego LGBT Weekly: What is the best part of being friends with each other?

Olivia Sarratt McCarthy: The best part of being friends with each other is that we get to share in each other’s lives. Our worlds are so different, yet we’re alike in so many ways. So it’s always fun when we get to be together and visit each other’s planets.

Brent Young: The best part of our friendship is the laughter we share through both good and bad times. No matter the situation we remind each other to not allow failure to go to our hearts, or success to go to our heads. The frustrating part of being besties with Olivia is her trademark laugh. I can’t get it out of my thoughts ever.

What do you make of the terms “fag hag” or “fruit fly” in describing the union between a straight woman and gay man?

BY: I don’t like those terms … I would rather call Olivia “my accessory.”

OSM: I don’t like either of those terms at all. I am no hag and he is no fag. A fag is a cigarette and Brent is trying to give up those. I prefer … a beauty and her queen.

Olivia, what does your husband Dan make of your other husband?

OSM: I like to sing him that Gin Blossoms song “Hey Jealousy.”

What’s life like for a gay man in a red state?

BY: Nashville, Tenn. is a very affirming, embracing place to live. My favorite color is blue, so I hate the red reference.

Olivia, what do you think it will take for Brent to “grow up?”

OSM: A total lifestyle change. For example, we were in San Francisco and I ordered room service – fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and green tea – and Brent started his day off with coffee, a Pepsi, gummy bears and a bag of Pop Rocks. Pop Rocks! I thought those were banned from society 15 years ago when lil Danny Dugger’s head exploded when he ate a whole bag and guzzled soda at the same time? Apparently that’s a myth because it just made Brent foam at the mouth.

How do you view Olivia’s attempts at tough love with you?

BY: No comment (laughs).

You two work together – how does being friends come into play, as far as teamwork is concerned?

OSM: I can sum it up this way, “What do you think, Brent? Brent? Brent! Where is Brent?”

BY: I would rather play with Olivia than work with her. She self imposes deadlines, and therefore, self implodes.

Speaking of teamwork … its pop quiz time! What is the movie that makes your buddy cry and which one cheers him/her up?

OSM: Any movie with a dog in it will make us both laugh and cry. We each have two rescue dogs. Brent gets his babies manicures. Mine only have two eyes between the both of them.

If your friendship were a song – what pop song title would sum it up?

OSM: That’s easy, “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. Brent and I have been through a lot since we’ve known each other. My goal is always to get Brent “off the stage” for moments where I can see through the mask he puts on for the public and get to the real him. Those moments are priceless and I wish he would share more of them with the rest of the world.

BY: I Got You Babe” by Sonny and Cher.

Olivia described you two as being akin to The Wonder Twins from the Super Friends. What would your super powers be, and what would you take the form of?

BY: I would be fire in the form of a dagger.

OSM: Well, the truth is … I am a superhero. I took the form of a Southern belle and my powers are that I can manifest anything I want. All I have to do is close my eyes, snap my fingers, wiggle my nose and bust a ’80s dance move and voila … whatever I imagine is eventually right there in front of me. Move over, Shane (Stevens from the show who is a self-proclaimed Jesus freak). Next season, I’m coming out of the spiritual closet.

What has the experience been like of having your kinship captured by cameras?

OSM: A wild rollercoaster ride. With all the highs and lows that come with it.

BY: It has been a necessary evil [in] seeing our reality and our life in high definition.

What do you feel is the most common misconception about your particular dynamic?

OSM: The most common misconception is that I’m as much a social butterfly as Brent. Brent is more like a hummingbird that fell into a vodka and Red Bull, while I’m more like a caterpillar in a Chanel coat with baby wipes poking out of my handbag.

BY: I like the Wonder Twins comparison … or evil twins.

And what was the biggest learning lesson that you came away with about yourselves and your significant other?

BY: I learned I can save everyone else but myself … and one word [about myself]; rehab.

OSM: How important balance is. I’m a workaholic and Brent is an alcoholic. My recovery is a lot easier than Brent’s. But if you want to get the most out of life, you have to find balance in every area.

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