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Up close and personal: Glitz Glam

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Jesse Greika

You’ve seen them. You’ve heard about them. But if you haven’t, how could you miss them – female impersonators, drag queens and performers. Yes, performers. They are more than guys who dress in women’s clothes; they do a lot of things. I’ve got the inside scoop – up close and personal with Glitz Glam aka Jesse Greika, a young man who not only dresses the part, but does it with perfection and purpose. Hold on to your wigs and read on.

Jesse grew up in a traditional home in Rockville Ky. with an older brother and a neighborhood full of extended family members. In 1993, he packed his nap sack and set out to discover a more diverse world in Florida. And as you might guess, it started on Halloween. It was his first time he dressed in drag and worked the door and danced at a club called Electra. He then went on a Canadian tour with a European recording artist, with whom he made a music video. It was during this growth period that Glitz Glam got her foundation, her base. No pun intended.

Glitz Glam is not only a performer, but a way of thinking, feeling and acting – a professional. Jesse says that “Glitz Glam allows him to focus on the inner creativity.” Glitz’s focus is on doing good things for life and mankind. The “Glitz Glam philosophy” transforms him from Jesse into Glitz Glam, which is never the same persona twice. Jesse says that transforming into Glitz Glam means breaking the mold, not just filling the cup. It’s also empowering, yet inspiring to those who see and meet her, inspiring them to be whomever and whatever they want to be. The make-up brush when placed in her hands sparks that inner creativity and she becomes the canvas. It doesn’t matter how young or how old you are. Your ethnicity, your heritage has no bearing on your transformation – dare to be different.

Glitz Glam

Glitz’s inspiration comes from within, but support always gives her the extra edge. And Jesse gets that from his partner of eight years, Anthony Rollar. The Rollar-Greika family is one of dynamic community involvement and accomplishments. Anthony, Mr. San Diego Leather 2010, aspired to compete for International Mr. Leather (IML). He not only competed, but was the 2nd runner-up, with Jesse and Glitz Glam standing in the wings supporting him all the way. When I first met them, Anthony was proud to say how he would walk arm and arm with Glitz wearing six inch heels and dressed to the nines. They support each other and have come together to put on the Annual Turkey Meatball Dinner to raise money for Mama’s Kitchen. Anthony organizes the dinner, and Glitz puts on the show. Don’t miss next year at The Center.

I asked Glitz about some of her high profile moments, and she stated that one in particular was when she recorded a video with Toni Bonjovi. She also organized Tantrums and Tiara’s – a benefit that netted $55,000 for Mama’s Kitchen. And the momentum continues; Glitz is partnering up with Eden in Hillcrest to put on Belt, a new fetish event that will cross-pollinate and bring together the knowledgeable with the not-so-knowledgeable of the BDSM, fetish and kink community. There will be demos and scenes. And for those willing to explore that side of themselves, hands-on experiences. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt. You can actually get the chance to meet some of the men and women from the leather community like Anthony and Miles, California Leather Sir 2010. You can check out this event Dec. 8 at Eden. That’s a Thursday.

I must say, that my interview with Glitz Glam, a true class act was nothing short of professional. As you’ve read, it was focused, and with purpose. So I asked Glitz, who did she look up to, and she mentioned that to her Chad Michaels does the best performance of Cher that he has ever scene. I have witnessed several of Glitz’s performances, and one of the most notable to me was at the 2011 California Leather Sir/boy/bootblack and puppy contest held at Queen Bees last summer. It was a stellar performance. Glitz is very detailed oriented. And if you haven’t seen her perform, you should be at Eden.

Glitz Glam is now a part of San Diego history and is paving the way as those who have come before her; like a certain Diana Ross (Empress Norman) performer from years past. If I attempted to name them all then we would have to write an entire column on just the drag queens/performers. And speaking of performances, check out the Imperial Court de San Diego Coronation in February. Email me and I can tell you how to get tickets later on. Last Word: Glitz Glam says, “I want to empower the children to feel beautiful, with uniqueness.” My next column will feature Big Black Booths. Keep those emails coming. Intlleathersir2003@cox.net

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