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New York transgender woman beats down subway rider for calling her a man

Transgender San Diego | Transgender newsnewsA transgender woman and her girlfriend is shown beating down a subway rider for shouting out “that’s a man” as the two friends were headed into the train. Huffington Post is reporting the video has made its rounds throughout LGBT circles after the disparaging remarks went viral on YouTube.

The video’s author writes:

“Morning after xmas on the nyc subway train, me and my girlfriends was walking to the train, dude shouted out ‘thats a man’ to my home girl and this is what happens when u disrespect a [transgender person] in public.”

UPDATE: YouTube has since removed the video on basis of “shocking or disgusting content.” Stay tuned to San Diego LGBT Weekly for more details on this breaking news story.

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37 Comments for “New York transgender woman beats down subway rider for calling her a man”

  1. Good that bastard deserved the beat down if I was there I would have helped
    you kick his ass 🙂

  2. So, this person responds to being called a man by, well, by acting in a rather masculine way. Uh, yeah….okay.

    • Being physical or violent is only viewed as masculine because of years of societal norms being enforced, usually for no other reason than “It’s traditional” or “That’s the way it is.” There are men who fall under what you call ‘feminine’ and women who fall under what you deem ‘masculine.’ Every single person is unique, we waste too much time defining people by the genitals they were born with or have now.

      • Ah, good old gender deconstructionism. Actually, violence is viewed as masculine because men tend to be more violent. It is part of the hard wiring in a male brain. Yes, there is some deviation from the norm, but there is a reason they call it the “norm.” The fact, that the transgender extremists try so very hard to deny, is that people, by and large have brains that are sexually differentiated to match their genitals. There are exceptions, which in the extreme cases are transsexuals. And then there are people who choose to behave at odds with their gender. Or at least attempt to. The truly funny part is, most of them are clueless about how they really behave.

        • You are totally right. I said on another site how often women get vulgar and crude comments thrown at them. Do they go and kick men almost to death because of it? Or is it part of life? Saying “there’s a man”? Hardly what you’d call threatening or even close to some of the harassment that real women face daily. This is a very crude, worst case example of extreme male violence that one can imagine. Not exactly female behavior. He was called a man, and behaved like the worst type of male imaginable. Wait till he’s his cell in the all male prison system.

          • That is a point that is lost in all of this. Like it, or not, this person committed a violent crime and is as deserving of jail time as anyone who attacks anyone. And yes, it is very likely this person might well end up in a cell with men.

        • Remember, Jennifer, the women who beat Chrissy Polis at the Rosedale McDonalds were born female.

          • And they were insulted, how? They saw what they perceived as a male entering the women’s room. Somewhat different situation. This was an over the top reaction to an insult.

      • Yea, sure, that’s why prisons are almost completely full of MEN. Just look at any animal; mammal or lizard, birds; most have a larger more aggressive male… they fight. How many all female armies are there? When have you ever seen groups of girls beating up guys on the street, or robbing banks? We are hard wired for male and female, and you can take all the social science classes on earth and it won’t change reality.

    • Are you saying that women can’t be physically violent?

      • Of course not. But women don’t beat up people over insults. Men on the other hand, are more likely to do so. You want to see a woman be physically violent? Threaten her children. You want to see a man get violent? Insult him. Yes, you can call it stereotypes, but stereotypes usually have a basis in reality.

    • I understand your point. Violence IS attributed to mostly men because of testosterone HOWEVER responding physically for whatever the reason is neither a feminine nor masculine characteristic. It is a “tough or not” characteristic…same as required for military or police service regardless of gender. So, MANY men and SOME women DO respond physically to insults, including transgender females. (I know you don’t agree with this nomenclature however I refer to it as commonly used/misused). So, this person didn’t act in a “rather masculine way” exactly. She acted in a way that MOST men and SOME women would.

      • Actually, I disagree. Most people would simply look at someone insulting them, and think “What’s his problem?” Violence is never the answer, and to suggest that it is the norm is just ridiculous. What this person did was a criminal act, and excusing it is outrageous.

  3. > But women don’t beat up people over insults.

    Or fool.
    Pick one.

      • And you’re an idiot.

        So are you the type that thinks TG people don’t exist? Or just the type that thinks people can’t go against the norm/act differently in a heated situation?

        • I am not sure what you mean by such a question. If you mean, “people who identify as transgender don’t exist,” then the answer, of course, is no.” If you are one of those people who think that transgender is something more than an artificial social/political construct that has no objective meaning, then you might have a point. I am a transsexual, not transgender.

  4. > But women don’t beat up people over insults.

    I hate to tell you this Jennifer but I’ve known women to become violent over an insult. My sister-in-law got physically violent with a guy when he called her a bi***.

    • As I pointed out, there are exceptions, but they are relatively rare. And there are usually other factors involved. In general, women are far less violent, and most women have better sense than to attack a man.

      • Wait a sec… you’re telling me that >one< case of a trans women responding violently to bigotry amongst thousands of trans women who are murdered, inflict self harm, and commit suicide every year is proof that trans women are all really men and that men are inherently violent, but that the thousands upon thousands of cis women who instigate and engage in physical violence* are somehow all exceptions to this rule?

        Man… too bad mental gymnastics aren't an Olympic event: you'd be a gold medalist XD


        • No, though it seems to me that anyone who identifies as a “trans woman” has an odd need to hang on to something (literally in most cases) that isn’t being a woman. I am a woman, period. No qualifiers. I did not go through all the pain I went through, to be a “trans” anything. As to women committing violence (really, cis?) that engage in physical violence, yes, they are exceptions. Let’s see, women outnumber men in the United States, and yet, violent crimes committed by men vastly outnumber violent crimes committed by women. So yes, women who instigate and engage in physical violence are an exception.

          Sorry, but the only way I would take the gold would be if someone who was totally clueless was the judge.

          • Apparently you didn’t read the link I provided, which demonstrates that women who commit acts of violence are far from being a fringe minority… the reason why it’s not a more salient part of the cultural narrative is probably because instances of female abusers go under-reported, because society at large buys into the same nonsensical concepts of gender essentialism that you’re buying into.

          • No, I will admit, I didn’t. Thanks for pointing it out. Let’s see, a claim from a group that calls itself the “National Coalition of Free Men.” Well, that is clearly a group that has no agenda. Yes, I am sure these poor oppressed men are terribly afraid of women . Sorry, saying all that with a straight face is just too much. Yes, as I was saying, clueless… I mean really, all this proves is that Mark Twain was right. (Three kinds of lies….lies, damned lies, and statistics…..) Seriously, you are offering some silliness like that as evidence? Thanks, that made my day. And it says sooooooo much about the transgender community. And how they really feel about women. And people wonder why true transsexuals tend to insist, vehemently, that they are not transgender.

            Thanks for playing, although I am sorry, we don’t have any lovely parting gifts for you….

          • Well again, I guess you didn’t read the part of the title where the title sources the CDC for this information. You know, the first four words of the title? Lulz

            Here is one such source from the CDC site that shows that men experiencing violence at the hands of women is not very uncommon (unless you would want to claim those tens of millions of men who experience intimate partner violence are gay):


            But yeah, if you’re just going to go straight for dismissing the evidence I do provide to back up my claims (which I don’t see you doing, btw) with terrible, baseless reasons, followed by a healthy “No True Scotsman” fallacy (which is really all you’ve been doing with your comments on this thread) I think there’s really no sense in arguing with you. Have fun mowing the lawn in high heels or whatever it is you HBS trolls do that is definitely not overcompensation XD

          • These MEN took statistics from the CDC and tried to make it look like women who get beaten up by male partners and husbands are “just asking for it.”

            As to the CDC report, well you might notice that women get raped about 20 times more than men. But wait, those men are not getting raped by women anyway….

            Now, a couple of things to consider….first off, yes, clearly those figures include gay men being attacked by, AND attacking partners. It happens, and it happens a lot more than previous reported. Second, the rate of women being abused is significantly higher than men, and finally this report does not indicate whether or not the men suffering violence did so because they had already attacked the woman. Women will protect themselves. The idea that poor, innocent, meek men are being savagely beaten by women, unprovoked, is quite silly.

            The bottom line is the same. Women tend to be victims, men tend to be aggressive. And I notice you don’t like the idea of HBS. Yes, I find that many really have a problem with the idea that what can also be termed true transsexualism has more of a basis than just “hey, I think it might be cool to be a woman.” True transsexualism, or HBS, is rare. Far less common than some wish to admit. That is not elitism. It is just fact.

  5. I am a transman and i feel people need to just let people live. if you dont like something or someone dont look at it go about ya business. As long as its not hurting or hindering you from your everyday life let people be. i dont agree with them beating people up but we as trans people get tired of people being rude and disrespectful because some dont look like what they identify as. GROW UP PEOPLE.

  6. I’VE SEEN BIOLOGICAL WOMAN BEAT UP PEOPLE OVER JUST WORDS ALOT. So saying women dont beat up over insults is not true.

    • Define “a lot.” That is the problem with anecdotal arguments. There are always exceptions, but we tend to notice them more because they are exceptions. Violence is a male behavior. Exceptions happen, but that is clearly not the case here.

  7. There is no condoning the violent actions of these women, but, just maybe, it is possible some male jerks will think before they open their mouths in public.

    • Uh, I would agree with you up to the word “actions.” Beyond that, you are doing exactly what you claim to not be doing. This was a criminal act, plain and simple. In fact, it could even, theoretically, be charged as a hate crime. Yes, such laws DO work both ways.

  8. After a 72 hour outage, it would be hard to convince my CTO.

  9. i am a transexual..and if anybody wants to talk big like a man(female or not) you will get beat like a man(female or not).. think befor you speak. that goes both ways ( female or not).get the pattern here..gender has nothing to do with deserving respect!!!!!!!

  10. wow….. While I understand that a transgender woman will get angry at being called a man, violence is never a solution to anything. Beating someone up is just plain wrong, even if they did insult you very harshly. :/

  11. Don't call me Cis

    Since when is calling a Man ~ A Man ~ a crime?
    How is that worthy of getting the shit kicked outta you?

    That Tranny behaved just like the MAN he is.

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