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Fletcher’s support for LGBT rights?

Dear Editor,

I have read the many words Nicole [Murray Ramirez] has penned in the past months in praise of Mr. (Assemblyman Nathan) Fletcher, and I am at a loss to understand Nicole’s thought processes. I concur strongly (with) Mr. Corbin’s editorial statement in the LGBT Weekly of Jan. 12, where he wrote: “… as you become engaged in the … election, remember one thing: LGBT equality is the thing. Period.”

I would appreciate a written reply from Nicole … to each of these explicit questions:

1. Nathan Fletcher is not an advocate for FULL equality for the gay community. He voted NO on Harvey Milk Day. He does not favor making same sex marriage legal in California. Are these statements factually correct?

2. In a VoiceofSanDiego.org interview in September, Fletcher confirmed he believes marriage should be reserved for one man and one woman because of his faith. Does Fletcher still take this position?

3. Fletcher was conveniently absent the day the Assembly voted on a resolution in opposition to Prop. 8. Is this statement factually correct?

4. Fletcher also voted no on SB 54, the bill to recognize out-of-state, same-sex marriages in California. Only 29 members of the Assembly, including Fletcher, voted against the bill. Is this statement factually correct?

5. Fletcher cast his Assembly vote against SB 572, the bill that recognized Harvey Milk Day in California. This time, Fletcher was one of only 28 members of the Assembly to go on record demonstrating that they do not believe we should honor one of California’s most influential civil-rights heroes. Is this statement factually correct?

6. According to Equality California, Fletcher has supported the group’s interests only 29 percent of the time since taking office. Is this statement factually correct?

7. Why would myou believe that a vote for Mr. Fletcher for mayor of San Diego is in the best interests of the gay community?

I look forward to your independent and thoughtful written (reply).

Editors note: Assemblyman Fletcher, who is running for San Diego mayor against an out gay councilman and an out lesbian district attorney, gave full-throated support for the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

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  1. Wow! David. If you are in fact the same David Lundin who acted as my lawyer, I NOW understand why you did what you did. You have shown your hand. That is if you are the one. However, I completely agree with you on the Flip-Flopping Fletcher (Fcubed). He is not the best candidate for anybody in this town. He can not be trusted no further than I could physically through him and I am getting old an weak.

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