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Romney’s support for anti-gay groups revealed in tax returns

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Just two weeks ago, Mitt Romney said in New Hampshire that he opposed discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans. Yet his tax returns tell a different story.

In 2006, Romney donated $10,000 to the Massachusetts Family Institute and $25,000 to the Beckett Fund – two anti-gay organizations focused on the “protection” of marriage and “religious liberty” according to reports at the Human Rights Campaign.

The Massachusetts Family Institute has vehemently campaigned for the opposition of marriage equality. The organization says aims to help “those struggling with same-sex attraction and we encourage the healing of individuals who wish to change their choice of lifestyle” according to their website.

The Beckett Fund for Religious liberty received donations from the Tyler Charitable Foundation, a fund set up and administered by the Romneys. The anti-gay group has argued that same-sex marriages would “trigger a wave of litigation for religious organizations objecting to performing or recognizing such ceremonies in states across the nation,” HRC is reporting.

The Beckett Fund also compared protests for California’s Proposition 8 to the actions of Al-Qaeda.

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1 Comment for “Romney’s support for anti-gay groups revealed in tax returns”

  1. Americans should be wary of Mormons, but not because of their “beliefs”, but rather what they “practice”. My problem with Mormons, including Romney, is about how they raise tens of millions of dollars to crush same-sex marriage and ignore tens of thousands of abusive polygamists in their own backyard. There are hundreds of fundamentalist Mormon polygamous cults practicing mind-control and enslaving innocent women and children, and Mormons simply turn a blind-eye. How many long-term programs are there in Mormon communities to help polygamy victims? ZERO.

    If a polygamous woman escapes with her children, Utah courts give custody to her corrupt husband because he has money and power. So if a woman escapes, she loses her children. How many women escape polygamy? Escapees are rare. The Utah system is setup this way to keep polygamous women QUIET, because you see, polygamy embarrasses the Mormon Church.

    Powerful Mormon legislatures and law enforcement have swept polygamy crimes under the rug for nearly a century, and to make matters worse, powerful Mormons are oftentimes in cahoots with corrupt polygamous leaders. For example, judge Lindberg recently ordered Utah’s Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (a Mormon) to pay nearly 5 million in debt for the FLDS trust which is connected to jailed polygamous prophet and convicted pedophile Warren Jeffs. Here’s a link: http://www.rickross.com/reference/polygamy/polygamy1306.html

    If every American watched the documentary film Banking On Heaven (available at libraries), I seriously doubt anyone would vote for a Mormon. Please research Mormon polygamy before you vote!

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