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Gov. Chris Christie vetoes New Jersey same-sex marriage bill

Gay Marriage San San DiegoGov. Chris Christie has followed through on his promise to reject a same-sex marriage bill which was passed by the state Assembly Wednesday. The governor took “swift action” to veto the bill Friday, with earlier comments to send the issue to a state referendum. As to whether the state would entertain a same-sex marriage referendum remains speculation.


On Thursday, Feb. 16, the following story broke prior to today’s expected announcement:

The New Jersey Assembly passed a bill Thursday that would allow same-sex marriages in the state, although the measure is expected to be vetoed by Gov. Chris Christie following his comments that promised “very swift action” should the bill reach his desk.

Christie and fellow Republican lawmakers have previously said the issue of gay marriage should be left in the hands of a state referendum. But the 41-33 vote is an initial win for LGBT activists and allies and could set the state for a future popular vote on the matter should gay and lesbian marriage be left decided to voters in New Jersey.

Last month, Mayor Cory Booker blasted Christie for leaving gay marriage to a popular vote despite a possibility for its passage.

“Dear God, we should not put civil rights issues to a popular vote to be subject to the sentiments and passions of the day,” said Booker. “No minority should have their civil rights subject to the passions and sentiments of the majority.”

Gov. Chris Christie promised to veto the gay marriage bill, explaining, “I need to be governed by the will of the people,” the New Jersey Star-Ledger reported last month.

Six states and Washington D.C. legally recognize same-sex marriages, with the state of Washington slated to take effect in June.

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  1. In California we’re getting closer but my company has the best policy – if you’re gay and have a civil union – you are married and receive the full benefits as though you are. I know it’s not the same as full recognition – but it’s better than most.

  2. so our governer wants to commit political suicide what a moron really im transgendered but who cares just who really cares who marries who love and marrage cannot be comtroled by anyone it is what it is so why does our governer care who marries who its not of his business who loves who well i voted for him the first time im not voting for him in the next election i mean really even the obama hired a transgendered women in the white house

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