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Carl DeMaio campaign volunteer Michael Kobulnicky arrested on suspicion of rape

Michael John Kobulnicky, an extreme right-wing tea party spokesman and a Carl DeMaio volunteer affiliate, was in custody Friday according to reports at 10 News for abducting a pedestrian from the Linda Vista area, later transporting the victim to Fiesta Island and allegedly raping her. Kobulnicky, 50, was investigated by sex-crime detectives Thursday according to San Diego police and his arrest followed shortly thereafter.

The arrest comes in wake of reports that Kobulnicky detained a 56-year-old woman after she accepted a ride and got into his vehicle. As they approached the woman’s residence, Kobulnicky allegedly kept on driving into the Mission Bay area and onto Fiesta Island when he reportedly pulled the woman out of the vehicle and sexually assaulted her.

Kobulnicky drove off from the crime scene after the alleged rape.

The unidentified woman reported the sex crime immediately, but an arrest was not made until investigators were able to gather evidence. After numerous public tips and the production of a surveillance video, Kobulnicky was identified as the alleged assailant.

Kobulnicky has previously aided the DeMaio mayoral campaign through volunteer efforts including phone calls, help with mailers, and grassroot efforts like walking neighborhoods for DeMaio’s mayoral bid. The 50-year-old rape suspect is currently employed as a landscape supervisor according to 10 News.

Kobulnicky is being held without bail as he waits for his arraignment scheduled on Monday afternoon.

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10 Comments for “Carl DeMaio campaign volunteer Michael Kobulnicky arrested on suspicion of rape”

  1. If one needed further proof that Carl sold his soul to Satan himself here it is!

  2. You know people by the company they keep.

  3. Thought this response would be of interest to your readers, particularly in light of the apparently close relationship between DeMiao and Kobulnicky :

    Thanks for contacting SDGLN. FYI, we have published this disclaimer many times:
    “SDGLN is not reporting on the 2012 San Diego mayoral race because SDGLN
    Publisher Johnathan Hale has a personal relationship with City Councilmember
    Carl DeMaio, who is running for mayor. SDGLN will also not be making an
    endorsement in the race.” This is because journalism ethics prevents the staff
    of SDGLN from creating even the remotest appearance of a conflict of interest.

    As you very well know, it is impossible for political candidates to personally
    know every person who donates to their campaigns, and those candidates are not
    responsible for the actions of their donors. In this case, this donor was among
    6,400 individuals who contributed to the campaign, as I understand it.

    We trust that the legal system will bring justice to this case.

    Ken Williams
    Editor in Chief of SDGLN

  4. And your readers may also be interested in my response re: ethics in journalism:

    “You may not be reporting on the Mayor’s race, but you sure cover Carl.

    This is a legitimate story, and you can certainy quote Carl saying “it
    is impossible to know every donor….”

    You can place that quote next to the many photos of Carl standing next
    to the recently accused that are posted on his Facebook page.

    Not covering the Mayor’s race is a cop-out for professional journalism
    and objectivity. But if you have made that decision, you have a
    continuing obligation to objectively report news relating to Carl. An
    obligation you are failing to meet. “

    • San Diego LGBT Weekly is covering the mayoral race. We have interviewed Bonnie Dumanis and Bob Filner, with Nathan Fletcher next. Carl DeMaio was also invited to be interviewed, his campaign has not responded.

  5. So, In order to be LGBT you have to be a democrat? You cannot be gay and conservative? Coming from a group that thinks everyone should be treated equal? Really? You wonder why people think gays are out of control. You cannot ask for tolerance if you are not tolerant! As for Kobulnicky, does he not deserve his day in court, due process and innocent until proven guilty? OMFG you guys are so one sided. I am gay, but less afraid to come out about being gay than being conservative because of hypocrites commenters like you guys!

  6. With salutations and hugs to the valiant woman who was raped, who refused to be a victim and displayed courage in reporting this disgusting event, I am grateful that Michael John Kobulnicky, an extreme right-wing tea party spokesman and a Carl DeMaio volunteer affiliate, has shown his true colors NOW so that we can all have informed choices when voting people into public office.

  7. One may certainly be Gay and Conservative. That is your absolute right. And if your “conservitave” inventory of political positions includes denying me and others their Equal Rights, or failing to tell the truth in political debate, I reserve the right to oppose you politically.

    No one is saying DeMiao does not have the right to be conservative. I am saying he does not deserve my support simply because he is Gay.

  8. Does this magazine are question the District Attorney’s judgement, now that Kobulnicky has been set free, three days AFTER the alleged victim said “you got the wrong guy” in open court?

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