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DeMaio faces heat after ‘anti-gay zealot’ donates money to mayoral campaign

Carl Demaio - anti-gay

Carl DeMaio - Photo Credit: CarlDeMaio.com/Flickr

San Diego CityBeat is reporting that mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio has accepted campaign money and endorsements from Charles LiMandri, a pro-life, anti-gay Catholic laywer. LiMandri joins other anti-gay supporters in DeMaio’s list of endorsers including Roger Hedgecock, a public voice against gay rights, and Brian Caster, one of the biggest donors to California’s  Prop. 8.

According to CityBeat‘s Dave Maass, locally famous lawyer, Charles LiMandri exchanged a revealing series of emails with ‘ex-gay’ activist, James Hartline about the latter’s dismay at the former’s support for Carl DeMaio. Those emails, says CityBeat, were brought to the newspaper by Hartline himself. Perhaps of most interest to some is the thought process revealed by the private conversation of a staunchly anti-LGBT activist, such as LiMandri  justifying his endorsement and financial support of a gay man who is running for mayor to a man who claims to have been “cured” of his own homosexuality.

LiMandri has served as an attorney for the National Organization of Marriage in California’s Prop. 8 battles and was a part of a lawsuit that held the city of San Diego liable for a group of firefighters that were required to march in a gay Pride parade. LiMandri also recently denounced the University of San Diego for hosting a drag show.

Despite LeMandri’s anti-gay agenda, the lawyer contributed $500 to DeMaio’s mayoral campaign.

“I have told [DeMaio] that I would pray for him. By endorsing him for Mayor, I am not endorsing his lifestyle. Yet, out of Christian concern for his well being, and the well being of our City, I believed that he deserves my support. I hope that by associating with good Christians, that he will become a better person, as I hope for all of us,” said LiMandri in the email exchange, according to CityBeat.

He added, “Carl DeMaio specifically promised me, as a condition of my support, that he would not push the gay agenda issues (including same-sex marriage) as did Mayor Sanders. Rather, he was emphatic with me that he did not believe that the Mayor should concern himself with these issues as they are not his responsibility.”

The entire email is available from CityBeat.

DeMaio’s campaign website assures the LGBT community that he is a ‘role model’, saying:

Carl DeMaio is a role model for the LGBT community. Not only does he stand up for full equality, but he has been a tireless supporter of our LGBT organizations.”

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5 Comments for “DeMaio faces heat after ‘anti-gay zealot’ donates money to mayoral campaign”

  1. Will Carl have the nerve to attend the unveiling of the Harvey Milk Street sign Tuesday ? PLEASE attend the unveiling, and ask him in person if he ” will push the gay agenda” as Mayor. You know, “gay” issues, like equal rights, due process, equal protection, public health, good Police and Fire protection, historical preservation…..

    Ask Carl the hard questions.

  2. So Carl is not your perfect gay candidate… oh well, none of the perfect candidates seem to be running. Why must we let the pursuit of the perfect be the enemy of the good? No other candidate or public official in San Diego has asked or come up with as many answers to the tough questions as Carl DeMaio. Just because he does not fit into the typical far left gay candidate mold, you want to destroy him. Better to have a straight career hack politician than a solid gay leader. Sad. We eat our own. And isn’t it broadening our influence if these anti-gay folk reach out to support Carl? Isn’t that how we are going to effect change? They are supporting him, not the other way around, so relax and claim victory.

  3. Ken B says DeMaio is a “solid gay leader” and is being attacked because he “just doesn’t fit into the typical far left candidate mold….”


    Carl is not being attacked in this article. The undisputed facts simply reveal a hypocrite who will accept financial support from far-right Republicans who openly hate the Gay community. Mr. LiMandri, Roger Hedgecock, Doug Manchester and others. And here, Carl makes an explicit promise to essentially sell out the Gay community in exchange for such support.

    This is not an attack—but a disclosure of undisputed FACTS. Facts that Carl would never voluntarily disclose to the very Community members from whom he seeks support.

  4. Undisputed facts? Who confirmed the accuracy of Charles LiMandri’s statement in the email exchange regarding the promises that Carl DeMaio allegedly made in exchange for a $500 contribution? There is no mention in the article of DeMaio’s response, or even of an attempt to verify the LiMandri quote with DeMaio or his representatives. I don’t live in San Diego and have not been following this election closely, but this kind of biased, unprofessional journalism is a true disservice to the community this newspaper and website serves.

    Is there any evidence that DeMaio “accepted” the endorsement from LiMandri? All I see in this article or the City Beat article on which it is based is a description of LiMandri’s explanation in an email of why he is supporting DeMaio. So what? I could donate $1 to Mitt Romney tonight and post something on my facebook wall saying that I’m endorsing him even though he doesn’t support my right as a gay person to marry someone of the same sex. Would this somehow transform Romney into a marriage equality proponent, whose campaign depends upon the financial backing of the gay community?

    Is there any evidence that DeMaio solicited the $500 contribution from LiMandri, or that DeMaio is even aware of the contribution? The man is busy running a mayoral campaign, he probably isn’t reviewing the names of each contributor and doing a background check on each of them every night. This sounds like a publicity stunt by LiMandri to me, but who can really say with this shoddy level of investigating and reporting of facts? And really, I would like to understand the reporter’s justification for taking someone like LiMandri at his word without any further inquiry, given the morally bankrupt character that Limandri has shown publicly in his involvement with NOM.

    If you don’t think DeMaio should be elected as mayor, write an editorial and set out the arguments to support your opinion. But don’t collaborate with someone of LiMandri’s character to fabricate a news story aimed at smearing DeMaio’s reputation in order to influence the election.

    You should either publish the factual basis for the allegations in this article, or publish an apology to Carl DeMaio.

    • As the publisher, I want to inform you that the DeMaio campaign and Limandri were reached out to for comment. Neither responded. The email exchange was provided by the email recipient James Hartline. Either Limandri is mistaken or DeMaio made the promise. Really easy to clear up if either would respond.

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