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Why the background of the mayor’s partner is relevant

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Johnathan Hale in Carl DeMaio’s City conference room

Last week, San Diego LGBT Weekly ran a story concerning the criminal past of Johnathan Hale, Carl DeMaio’s life partner. While most agreed that the information was relevant to inform their voting decision, some thought the information should have remained private and out of the public eye.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Johnathan Hale thought it relevant to put on his Web site that Nathan Fletcher’s wife worked for the Bush campaign in 1998. Hale’s Web site says, “Fletcher began his political career working for the California Republican Party … he held a fundraiser featuring Karl Rove – a connection made through his wife, who was a senior campaign operative for George W. Bush.”

What was the point of this paragraph? To link Fletcher through his wife to the George W. Bush campaign; kryptonite for any candidate seeking the Independent or decline to state vote. So much for spouses being off limits. Since Fletcher’s wife worked for Bush in 1998, I guess we should only talk about Hale’s criminal activity during that time. Fair is fair.

So what criminal activity has Hale been involved in since 1998? He has had two restraining orders filed against him by former “roommates” with whom he was sexually active. In one complaint, he is accused of choking his roommate and making harassing phone calls at the roommate’s place of employment. In the other restraining order, the “roommate” said, “I fear for my safety and (Hale’s) own; he’s unstable and may harm himself.”

Then there are those pesky name changes. The second one occurred during the same period. From Hackett to Hale. Is it just me, or is it unusual for someone to change their name twice? How many people do you know who have had three names? Why would you need to change your last name twice?

There are many other reasons why the information about the felony convictions and domestic abuse accusations against Hale are important to the voter. First, as the picture that accompanies this message illustrates, Johnathan Hale has unfettered access to City of San Diego documents, information and proprietary material.

Johnathan Hale’s Facebook page, May 4

If you look closely, the City of San Diego internal mail folder is clearly marked “confidential.” It is this kind of access that makes the background of the mayor’s spouse fair game. The caption of this photograph when it was posted on Facebook was in short, “waiting for Carl to come down from chambers.”

What was in the envelope that was confidential information about City of San Diego business? Who took the picture of Hale? Was any taxpayer money expended during the taking of the picture? For example, did a paid DeMaio city staffer take the picture? Who was monitoring Hale’s movements in DeMaio’s office while DeMaio was in chambers? Should that be a taxpayer expense?

DeMaio’s campaign has tried to diffuse these issues by making it about Hale’s felony past. The story was not simply about Hale’s past but his clear access to information, more than an average citizen, because of Hale’s involvement with DeMaio.

It is well known within the LGBT community that Hale has said to many people, “You will not be welcome in City Hall once we win.” So Hale should be off limits while he makes these types of statements? As DeMaio and Hale create their enemies list, the fourth estate should remain quiet? I don’t think so.

Hale has been a paid consultant for DeMaio’s proposition campaigns. DeMaio has been fined by the San Diego Ethics Commission for campaign ethics violations. Perhaps someone should file a complaint concerning the financial relationship between Hale and DeMaio’s proposition campaigns; the same commission that DeMaio tried to defund after he was fined.

You would think that Hale would try to keep a low profile, but May 4 Hale made fun of a vandalized CityBeat street box on his Facebook page with the update, “I did not do this I swear.” This bit of childishness was his response to CityBeat’s feature story and cover that said Carl DeMaio would be a bad mayor for San Diego.

Ultimately the voter will decide whether these issues are relevant, not the media or the DeMaio campaign. It is a long way to November.

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11 Comments for “Why the background of the mayor’s partner is relevant”

  1. I can’t make out anything on that picture you inserted. Perhaps you have a link to a larger version of the image?

  2. Very interesting, the first I heard about this guy but I shouldn’t be surprised. A felon hanging around city hall (Oh wait..) open access to security areas and to confidiental files. Did you know law enforcement officers are not suppose to associate with known felons.. Here the top leader of the City of San Diego (if elected) will not only associate but live with and be intimate with a known felon. That does not project good decision making capabilities and judgement. VOTE NO DeMaio.

  3. Right On! Right On! Right On!

  4. Stampp thank you for bringing relevant issues to the forefront of the voters minds. Hale can deny all he wants that this has nothing to do with Carl running for Mayor yet every other candidates spouse is scrutinized. Why are these two treated any differently? People call it gaybaiting. This is ridiculous. When you run for office, your spouse becomes just as public as the candidate running for office and people hold them accountable. I think gay people just want to give them a “pass” on this and then when Carl is elected we will all be just screwed! They could care less about the LGBT Community.

  5. Just because some one takes an envelope from Staples and scribbles on it illegibly with the word confidential in a red pen does not make it a state secret and hello! The contents and in an ENVELOPE! Non of us are our best selves when we are young! I have seen you bitches at the bar and you all know its true! Just because DeMaios boyfriend has had a youthful indiscretion it should not reflect badly on DeMaio. Hale has payed his dues for his crime and has reemerged and a successful business man, one who competes with your magazine for advertising dollars. This all wreaks of sour grapes to me! Im disappointed in your magazine and thought you were better than this! San Diego has a chance for its first openly gay mayor and you have nothing more to throw at him but his boyfriends past! Shame on you!

  6. I’ve had name changes due to marriage/divorce/moving forward in life, but not to avoid a criminal past. I don’t hold it against anyone who wants to forge a new identity for personal reasons, but such choices decrease credibility for those very close to elected officials.

  7. This is silly. A gay man with a tempetuous romantic past! Heavens, say it isn’t so! Unattributed and outrageous quotes that will never be confirmed… shame on you. Just admit it… you can’t stand that a gay Republican exists and might be successful.

  8. This is not silly this is what folks should expect when they run for political office. As for not standing that a gay republican can exist, well let’s just say that more than a little self loathing goes into supporting the very people who think you are an abomination.

  9. What I think is so ridiculous is all the people saying this article is because of Hale being a competitor to LGBT Weekly.. THIS IS A NEWS STORY! Were we supposed to wait for SDGLN or Gay-San Diego (a partner of SDGLN) to print this story? Get it together people!


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