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Every LGBT vote counts

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“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

One thing that definitely matters is this year’s mayoral primary. For starters, whether we have an advocate for LGBT equality in the mayor’s office is a key question.

Carl DeMaio has promised anti-LGBT advocates that LGBT issues are not the purview of the mayor, and will not be a priority should he be elected in November.

Meanwhile, Bonnie Dumanis lives her life authentically and is married to her same-sex partner and would be the personification of LGBT equality.

Nathan Fletcher took a principled stand against his party to support the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, as well as SB 48, which requires that LGBT history be taught in public schools.

Bob Filner has been a staunch supporter of the community for years and has taken many principled votes in favor of LGBT civil rights. But regrettably, both Fletcher and Filner have, as part of their pasts, anti-LGBT votes.

While this primary will likely produce two candidates who will face off in November, which two remains an open question. That’s why voting next Tuesday is of critical importance; even more important is how you vote. While DeMaio is expected to be one of the candidates in the runoff, anything can happen. So every LGBT vote counts.

I have had several conversations about “strategic” voting: in this case, realizing your candidate has no chance of winning so instead voting for your second choice. Unfortunately, “strategic” voting will hurt Bonnie Dumanis who is the best choice among our two LGBT candidates. Polls indicate that the Dumanis campaign has not caught fire. Those with whom I have spoken about the consideration of “strategic” voting in this mayoral election are all Dumanis supporters.

Fletcher and Filner are tied for second in the most recent polling. If Dumanis supporters “strategically” vote, the outcome of the primary race could produce a Fletcher/Filner runoff. Both Fletcher and Filner are within striking distance of DeMaio in the polls.

Of course, you should vote for who most reflects your values; I simply think that what should drive your vote is picking someone who will advocate for LGBT equality as part of their mayoral agenda. There is only one candidate who has said that LGBT issues are not a priority: Carl DeMaio.

I think you should also measure candidates by the company they keep. If the two Republican candidates, DeMaio and Dumanis, support Mitt Romney for president in November, it will be clear that being a Republican is more important to both than the freedom and equality of the LGBT community.

It is difficult to call out the LGBT candidates in the mayoral race because I want us to have an LGBT mayor. However, our first LGBT mayor should reflect the values of most LGBT citizens not those of the Tea Party or a Republican party that is against LGBT equality. It’s that simple.

We are almost at the day of reckoning, June 5, when the voters will decide the city’s future. The LGBT vote can make a difference in the mayoral race. That’s why, this election, it is critical that we all make our way to the voting booth or mail in our ballots.

Of course, San Diego primaries are notorious for producing front runners who are then rejected in November; otherwise we would have had Mayor Ron Roberts, Mayor Peter Navarro and Mayor Donna Frye. Next week’s vote is the beginning, not the end. On to November.



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5 Comments for “Every LGBT vote counts”

  1. I won’t duck calling out the LGBT candidates. Neither are worthy to represent the LGBT community. They are of, and support, the party that would turn back LGBT rights. As you said, DeMaio has made it clear that he will avoid the whole subject. Bonnie, bless her heart, should have bailed long ago. She just sends confused energy. Fletcher…still more Republican than Democrat. Filner…Democrat, and the logical choice. If you get caught up in the strategic vote and vote for Fletcher, DeMaio will win because no one wants a flake in office.

  2. I am thrilled that you are advocating that LGBT activists VOTE!
    They should not just vote, but get heavily involved in supporting anti-H8er candidates. I would caution against Bonnie Dumanis, Carl Demaio, and Nathan FLetcher – all of whom belong to the party of LGBT H8ers. Fletcher may claim he is an Independent- but we all know he switched once it was clear he was losing to Carl Demaio as a republican. He is, and has always been- a Republican- in fact he is an ALEC-backed (American Legislative Exchange Council) candidate. You can tell from the overwhelming volume of TV ads and street signs, that he has lots of $$$$ backing him! Bonnie Dumanis… is BRUTAL. Just look at the ugly crackdowns on medical marijuana patients. You don’t want THAT in our mayoral office, do you?

  3. New video highlights Bob Filner’s experience as a regional leader!


    Have you seen this video released last week detailing Bob’s history of creating positive change in San Diego? If not, see why so many voters know that Bob Filner is the only candidate with the leadership and experience needed to move our City toward a brighter future. As Bob said himself, we have the opportunity during this election to choose a new direction:

    “Why not have a city where we dream again of greatness? So let’s dream! And working together we will make San Diego America’s greatest city.”

    This election is nowhere near decided! Every vote will count, so please forward on to friends and family!

    Please Like Bob on Facebook and follow him on Twitter.

  4. Who is Johnathan Hale (aka John Wyckoff, aka Johnathan Hackett)?

  5. Stampp do us all a favor and step aside and let the real professionals take the lead on this recall. We are sure you have better things to do…
    – San Diego

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