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The gay Manchurian candidate

Well, it is settled; our choice November is between Councilman Carl DeMaio and Congressman Bob Filner. So, who should be our Mr. November?

DeMaio has turned out to be the gay Manchurian Candidate. A Manchurian candidate is one who is brainwashed to tell one group he supports them, but who later turns against them when compelled to do so by another group, on cue.

Who has brainwashed gay candidate DeMaio? Most recently, the Republican Tea Party. But the councilman’s entire political history, going all the way back to his time working for Newt Gingrich, has been dominated by a basic neoconservative tenant, which has led him to the misconception that fiscal matters should outweigh his personal freedom and the freedom of his LGBT community to marry.

DeMaio and his partner, Johnathan Hale, have made their ways throughout the LGBT community, presenting themselves as gay icons, authentically sharing their lives in a committed relationship. The reality could not be further from the truth.

In the background, DeMaio has made his deals with anti-LGBT forces in San Diego saying that marriage equality and other LGBT issues will not be a part of his administration because they are not issues that the mayor should address.

DeMaio tells the few LGBT supporters he has left that he is for marriage equality, but tells his Prop. 8 supporters not to worry because he will never address divisive issues like marriage equality. A Manchurian candidate indeed.

DeMaio showed his true colors last week when he threatened to sue media outlets for broadcasting an advertisement that said DeMaio voted against benefits for widows and children of firefighters. Clearly, DeMaio can‘t take it; but he sure can dish it out. Who didn’t receive in the mail one of his steeply slanted attacks on Nathan Fletcher?

Many in the LGBT community want to have a gay mayor in San Diego, but at what cost? Do we want a gay mayor who actively denies our community on cue from the Tea Party? Do we want a gay mayor who does not advocate for LGBT rights?

We all know that our current mayor, Jerry Sanders, set the bar for being a mayor who is supportive of LGBT equality. DeMaio is no Jerry Sanders; and DeMaio has said as much.

San Diego LGBT Weekly has received a letter to the editor from prominent attorney and conservative stalwart, Charles LiMandri stating his position on the leaked email that says DeMaio promised not to address LGBT issues in order to secure LiMandri’s support. LiMandri later made a $500 donation to DeMaio’s campaign.

LiMandri does not mention DeMaio in his letter; so LGBT Weekly sent a follow-up request for clarification. LiMandri responded by clarifying DeMaio said he would avoid “getting embroiled in divisive issues such as same-sex marriage, which are not the mayor’s responsibility.”

Our Manchurian candidate tells us one thing and promises the anti-LGBT community another.

The race for November is going to be interesting to say the least. Will Fletcher and Dumanis endorse? More than 65 percent of voters cast their ballot for someone other than DeMaio or Filner. So endorsements may indeed matter.

Both Fletcher and Dumanis have a big dilemma. Do they endorse DeMaio only to forsake the LGBT vote? Or, do they endorse Filner going against their Republican supporters and the party?

It is doubtful that Fletcher will endorse DeMaio after all the false attacks against him that DeMaio has waged during the primary. It is also doubtful that Fletcher will endorse Filner, but politics can sometimes make strange bedfellows.

Dumanis is forced to choose between her LGBT community and her allegiance to the Republican Party. If Dumanis chooses the latter, she will show her true colors which will not be forgotten by our community should she run for any office again.

During upcoming weeks, we will find out if Fletcher or Dumanis will endorse the first gay Manchurian candidate? DeMaio will promise anything to get their support.

I say to you, Fletcher and Dumanis: The LGBT community will be waiting with bated breath to see upon whose side of the issue of our civil rights you fall.

Will the LGBT community go all out for Filner, who has been a civil rights activist for decades and a straight supporter of our community? Or will DeMaio, being gay, sway a few votes from us?

It is a long way to November. But trust me; there will be an October surprise. Isn’t there always?



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