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DJ Luis Perez: Setting San Diego on fire

An oversaturation of backyard DJs in Southern California has left the music scene dead to some, and played out to others. Spend a Friday night club-hopping around San Diego, and you’ll run the gamut from average to mediocre club bangers being spun by your local DJ.

However, you won’t get that when you go to see DJ Luis Perez; a big player in the San Diego music scene who has left those who have seen and heard him star-struck and wanting more. With the privilege of playing alongside some of the biggest names in the scene, Perez has hit the San Diego club scene harder than anyone else around. Fresh off the plane from New York City, he’s aiming to make a big dent in San Diego’s club scene, and to secure a reputation as a DJ to be reckoned with.

Perez made a name for himself fairly early in his career with his creativity and inventive DJ’ing. It didn’t take him long to break out of the local scene, and soon he was headlining countless events and venues all over the world. He has played to large audiences at the gay and lesbian Mardi Gras in Australia, and recently rocked the crowd in Shanghai and the Chinese capital, Beijing. His worldwide appeal is such that he has built a passionate fan base that is demanding him to play at major circuit parties and clubs worldwide.

Perez, sought after more than the average DJ for his combination of star power and edge, sets his crowds on fire with the energy he brings to each performance. Powered by his style and ability to blast through the clubs speakers, Perez has made his loyal followers, cult-like if I may say so, go wild; falling in love with the music and floating into the frequency of his deep house thump throughout their bodies. “I will literally stalk his Facebook to find out where he will be next,” says Adrian Ortiz, a huge fan of the San Diego nightlife scene. “His music and mixes are some of the best that I’ve ever witnessed,” Ortiz said as he pointed out Perez’ Facebook page on his phone.

For those wanting to witness history in the making, you can catch DJ Luis at Spin Nightclub for The Pride Ball Friday, July 20. The Pride Ball will be hitting San Diego hard from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. in the three-level 10,000 square feet entertainment complex. This is an opportunity that one will regret missing if you’re a true fan of the hardcore club scene. I recently had the opportunity to sit with Perez to discuss his career. We covered a lot of ground. His opinions on other DJs, his feelings about the future of club music, and how he has taken his game to the next level with creativity, ingenuity and fortitude.

San Diego LGBT Weekly: When and how did you start DJ’ing?

Luis Perez: I started DJ’ing about 5 years ago, but I have been involved in music for over 15 years now. I’ve always had that notion of knowing what people wanted to hear and knowing what’s going to make them move.

What sets you apart from all the other DJs in San Diego?

My ability to play all types of events. I can play lounge music to an afternoon tea-dance or late night after-hours.

What are some of your music predictions? Such as up-and-coming styles and such.

What’s pretty hot right now is the EDM dance music that producers like David Guetta, Calvin Harris and others are putting out there. It’s good, because it has made dance music very mainstream; but in the same way its making it hard for DJs to play new music because everyone wants to hear what they hear on the radio. I’m sure with time, dance music will come back to what it was and not be so commercial.

I’m sure you, like everyone else who does this for a living, have opinions on what’s good and what’s not so good about the San Diego club scene. Tell me one thing you would change about the current local music scene?

If I could change anything it would be for people to come out and support more events here in San Diego. Get off the computer and come out to the clubs and meet people and lose yourself in the music. San Diego has many great gay clubs many cities would be envious of, but people need to come out and support them so they can stay alive. Spin, where I will be playing this coming Friday night, is one of my favorite clubs that still have that dance nightclub feeling from back in the day, and that’s why I love it there.

How do you decide what you’re going to play every night?

The crowd is who decides what I am going to play every night. I show up with my music and see the crowds’ reactions to different tracks I play and I go from there. I do prepare special edits of songs that are currently big dance floors fillers and try and play mixes people haven’t heard yet or aren’t played by other DJs.

How is the music scene in San Diego? Are you a fan of other DJs?

The music scene in my eyes is great in San Diego. There are many great DJs here with different sounds and styles – something for everyone. People just need to come out with an open mind and support the DJs and the events promoters bring to them.

Out of all the tracks, which one never falls to get the crowd going?

There are a lot of tracks out there that you can always count on to get the crowd going. The one that stands out most in my mind right now is “Release Me” by Zoe Badwi.

Tell me about your first big gig. The one that really stood out to you.

My first gig was a pool party for a friend in Laguna Beach. It was an exciting moment, because I was finally going to be able to play and have people listen to the music I think they’ll get some sort of reaction to. It was a great learning experience for me.

What’s your next stop for your music and your career?

Well, in the last couple of months I have relocated to New York City and I’m looking to get into production. I hope to start putting my own tracks out there and having other DJs play them.

What advice would you give to up-and-coming DJs in the community?

This is hard to say, because I still consider myself one of those up-and-coming DJs. But I would say never give up, don’t take yourself too seriously and have fun.

Vinyl or digital? And tell us about your collection …

Digital. Vinyl is dead. You have to move with the times or get left behind and then complain because things aren’t the way they used to be. Digital is the way to go now. It makes it a lot easier to travel with. Who wants to go around carrying heavy crates of vinyl?

Out of all the songs in your collection, which one fits you the best?

I would have to say “Let the Music Play” by Shannon, because I love that song and it never gets old to me.

Where might one find you if they’re looking to see you DJ?

You can find me at The Pride Ball Friday, July 20 at Spin Nightclub where I’ll be kicking off the weekend at one of my favorite clubs in San Diego. This is guaranteed to be the best Friday night party this San Diego Pride weekend.

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