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San Diego Pride was a blast!

Social Chaos: Ambassador of the Night

Gay San Diego | San Diego Pride - Hillcrest, San Diego

For me, the most memorable moments of Pride were not the ones made in the clubs boasting a ridiculous door cost – after all, I am a lesbian and I am not willing to pay that much to get in. Let’s get real!

I started my Pride weekend on the streets of Hillcrest, Friday, where the flag-raising was really amazing. I did not care, however, for the rampant classism of some watching the event close-up and others stuck behind a chain link fence!

My favorite part of Pride is watching those who are willing to express their bad-ass selves regardless of what others think. To me they are the real honorees of Pride. This week, in honor of those folks and San Diego Pride 2012, I thought I would give a few of them their proper dues.

So, without further ado, your Ambassador of the Night honorees are:

The lesbian couple who get into a fight because someone was (fill in the blank) talking to someone’s ex or perhaps was checking her out, and she knows it or just straight got too drunk. This could be seen at any stop along the line of booths in the festival – one lesbian yelling at the other who is walking at a brisk pace in front of her making a huge scene. Ladies, it just wouldn’t be the same without you.

This years Lesbian Fight Award goes to two girls wearing bikini tops in the high energy dance pit in the main beer garden. Oh, to be that young and not giving a damn about making a scene.

Now, there are many variations of the drunken twink but normally it goes something like this: cute boy, tight 2Exist underwear, body glitter mixed with the heat and too much booze. We all know one, they all drink too much and it always ends in, “I am really sorry he is just really drunk” as he bumps into or falls over someone followed by a stream of slurred profanities!

This year’s Drunken Twink Award goes to the boy on the Ferris wheel screaming his lungs out during the Friday night rally. Never you mind people are taking the speeches seriously, trying to listen and that your scream is competing with assemblymen. Who cares – you’re young, dumb and full of … booze.

Of all the gear at Pride this year I wanted to buy, look at and check out I can honestly say I have never wanted to be dressed like a horse or purchase a carriage to be pulled by a human horse. However, to each their own. It was an over-the-top spectacle to watch – even better was watching Pride attendee’s reactions to it.

So, hooves down, this year’s Over-the-Top Leather/Kink Award goes to the horse-driven carriage.

Balls and boobs abound in Pride and along the parade route. Some you want to see and others … make you never want to see balls or boobs again. Please, I beg you, at least wear something that offers some support.

There were so many of you in this category I just could not narrow it down to two!

So, the Balls and Boobs Award goes to all of you. My hats off to you for having the “boolls.”

On a final note, there really is no place like Pride to run into every ex you ever had and the one night stand you told you would call and then never did. Pride would not be as awkward without you.

Until next time, from your Ambassador of the Night, play hard and drink hard – just make sure you do it safely.

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