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Coming up: the most important election in our city’s history

Commentary: Conversations with Nicole

I will not comment on the Johnathan Hale Media-pushed “Balboa Park lily pond” vandalization incident until after my meeting with Police Chief Lansdowne and other city officials.

Next mayor and city council to be right-wing?

When I first arrived in San Diego in the early 1970s our city was controlled by a conservative right-wing mayor and City Council. We have come a long way these last decades where our city government has become more moderate and progressive. This coming November’s election will be the most important election in our city’s history. Will San Diego continue on its current progressive and diverse road or return to the control of a conservative right-wing Tea Party-supported mayor and City Council majority of white men who will not support marriage equality, the Boy Scout issue and other “social issues?” Carl DeMaio has made it clear that he will not follow Mayor Sanders’ leadership and stands on social issues and is supporting conservative Republican City Council candidates who think like him.

The election of Bob Filner for mayor and Sherri Lightener to the City Council should be the GLBT and other progressive and minority communities’ top priority. Filner and Lightener’s election will continue San Diego’s journey of becoming one of America’s most progressive, diverse and welcoming cities.

Shame on U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy

The recent American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) harsh criticism of local U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy’s continuing one-woman crusade against allowing medical marijuana dispensaries is right on target. Ms. Duffy, who is openly lesbian, should be especially understanding of how compassionate marijuana use has helped so many of her gay brothers who have HIV/AIDS and sisters who are suffering from cancer. Laura Duffy has turned her back on her own community in her continuing fanatically-obsessed destructive crusade against all medical marijuana dispensaries.

In my opinion, U.S. Attorney Duffy’s actions are shameful and a disgrace to her own GLBT community and all San Diegans and I thank the ACLU for its strong stand against Ms. Duffy. She needs to go … period.

Highest suicide rate in 23 years

As a city commissioner, I have received and read recently-issued official reports and statistics concerning the growing number of local suicides – now the highest in 23 years. Men still outnumber women more than 3 to 1 with 76 percent of local suicides committed by men last year. The economy, depression and drugs/alcohol problems are greatly responsible for this rise.

Let us all become more sensitive and supportive of our friends and take more seriously their depressions and reach out to them. Many are suffering and depressed over lost jobs and drug/alcohol problems. Take their moods and words more seriously; pay more attention to them and their problems; your concern, support and kindness could just well save a life. Thank you for listening.

“Diving for Being Alive:” Sept. 2

Please mark Sunday, Sept. 2 on your calendar as our biggest HIV/AIDS organization, Being Alive, need all of your help as it could close its doors because of government funding cuts. So, a great, fun and sexy summer pool party is being held at the beautiful estate of Mike and Billy Weiss, owners of Bourbon Street and Lei Lounge. There will be hot models, swimsuits, sexy mermaids and mermen, food and drinks at what promises to be the last and biggest pool party of the year. And you are all invited. For more info: Big Mike at 619-807-7324.

37th Nicky Awards next Sunday, Aug. 26

You are all invited to the “Gay Academy Awards of San Diego,” the 37th presentation of the Nicky Awards at the Marriott Mission Valley Hotel. It’s like being at the Oscars with outstanding entertainment, dancing, red carpet and, yes, gold statues being given out. The entire GLBT community, family, friends and allies are always welcomed and have a great time. For more info: 619-300-1232 or nickyawards.com

Get your tickets and tables today as they’re selling like hot cakes!

A big “Thank you” to Tom Blair and Bill Hardt

San Diego’s most-read and popular columnist, Tom Blair, has left the Union-Tribune. Our city’s No. 1 writer for decades is already being sorely missed. His support of all of our community’s events and causes will always be appreciated. We should be proud that Tom Blair was “family” and a role model for all. San Diego’s No. 1 events promoter, Bill Hardt, as usual presented a gay non-profit organization a financial donation after his highly successful and popular Pride events. Bill has for decades quietly, but constantly, given back and supported his community.

Nicole Murray Ramirez has been an award-winning columnist since 1973, and a Latino and gay activist for well over 40 years. He is currently a city commissioner and has served the last five mayors of San Diego. He is also a national board member of the Harvey Milk Foundation and chairman of the International Court Council of the USA, Canada and Mexico.


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2 Comments for “Coming up: the most important election in our city’s history”

  1. Shame on you for supporting the gay-baiting Filner. He is a bigot and a homophobe and would be a disaster for the LBGT community. Diversity and tolerance in this city has been wonderful, but what is really needed now is true management to turn around from the decades of “progressive” mismanagement.

  2. Who is Johnathan Hale, aka John Wyckoff, aka Johnathan Hackett?

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