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Michael Lucas: Living la vida saludable!

Many words have been used to describe Michael Lucas through the years: abrasive, iron-fisted, arrogant, a hard ass … but family guy?

Believe it or not, the man behind Lucas Entertainment, one of the top five gay adult-entertainment companies in the world, is showing his gentler side these days and it’s all thanks to the “The Power of Love” – in his brand new baby niece.

While promoting his latest film (also titled The Power of Love), we sat down with Michael to discuss why a man who has made a career from being a little hardcore is now getting a little softer.

Michael Lucas … smiling? Your new images show a Michael Lucas rarely seen in media. Is it an attempt at showing your softer side?

Yes, you could say that, but I also think I have just been very happy lately. Everything is going so well in my life. My family, my boyfriend and my business … I really don’t have anything to complain about.

You recently turned 40, one of the key psychological milestones in a person’s life when they evaluate who they are and where they want to be. Are you where you want to be in your life right now?

Yes, I am absolutely where I want to be.

Can you name one thing that is missing?

I pretty much have everything I want in life. There are certain things that I miss and cannot get back like my mother. Her passing was the most devastating thing in my life and it took me about three years to recover.

Would you consider having a child of your own?

I always did, but right now I feel like I do have a child, my niece, Ariela.

What do you enjoy doing with your niece?

She is only three-and-a-half months old so, for the most part, all I can do right now is hold her, give her baths and watch her smile. It’s amazing to see how fast she is becoming aware of things. Just being around her gives me tremendous pleasure.

How do you feel about gay men raising children?

I don’t think it’s about gay men or straight people raising children. I believe it is something that should be done by those who have the desire and passion to do so regardless of their gender or sexual orientation. I have gay friends who have children and they are better parents than some of my straight friends.

If you had a child, would you continue to do porn?

Yes. My film career is something that I’m absolutely proud of.

How would you explain your job to your child?

I don’t see why I would need to explain anything. I have a very progressive family, my parents, brother and my 91-year-old grandmother all know what I do for a living and nobody has a problem with it. Everyone respects and loves me. I don’t see how it will be different when my niece is older. In fact, I bet she will think it’s very cool.

Would you consider yourself a family man?

My family has always been a priority in my life. When I left Russia I immediately started supporting them and have been doing so for the last 17 years. I brought my whole family including my parents, grandparents and my brother to America and gave them a nice life.

What’s the biggest misconception about Michael Lucas?

A lot of people believe I am arrogant which is absolutely not true. I am very confident and that can sometimes come across as conceit.

What do you have left to achieve?

You know, I think what I really need to learn is how to relax and enjoy the moment. I am way too energetic and can never just sit down and relax. It’s something I am currently working on and you know, I think I am getting there.

What do you do to look so good?

I consider myself to be a very disciplined person. I go to the gym everyday, don’t smoke or drink, and have never tried drugs. I live a very healthy lifestyle.

As you grow older, is it getting harder to keep your youthful looks?

I have a very beautiful family. My father has always looked better than I do.

How do you feel about the idea of growing old?

I don’t think anyone wants to grow old, but it is inevitable. That’s why I am trying to enjoy the moment. While I am certainly not afraid of getting older, I do think about it when I spend time with my grandmother. However, seeing her so active and full of life only makes me think positively about the future.

Where can we find you on a Friday night?

I don’t have one spot where you can find me. I am usually with family and friends.

What is currently on your bedside table?

A book of course! Why, what did you think?

Most adult stars would say ‘a dildo’.

I’m not most porn stars.

What’s the last thing you do before turning in each night?

I read a book.

Does Michael Lucas say his prayers?

No, I don’t believe in anything supernatural and I don’t know any prayers.

How do you plan to spend the next forty years?

I look forward to traveling more and working less while spending time with close family and friends in New York.

What’s your message to the gay community?

Don’t do drugs and stop others from doing them.

Episode 1 of The Power of Love is now streaming to members of LucasEntertainment.com The DVD will release July 6.

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