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Ambassador of the Night: Water-gun fights, lily pads and Speedos


By now, everyone has heard about the lily pond in Balboa Park/The midnight water-gun fight and everyone has cashed in an opinion from fish activist, to LGBT activist to Mayor Sanders. In fact, I am personally really sick of hearing about it. That being said, it was a nightlife happening and as Ambassador of the Night how could I not weigh in on this? After that, I am done talking about it and hope everyone else is too.

The event, that got its start on a Facebook page, has received more press coverage and got people up in arms than a drag queen line up at a Tea Party rally. As fate would have it, I was planning to attend and then opted out at the last minute. Lucky me! Otherwise I am sure, like the majority at the event, I would have gone in good spirits thinking it would be a lot of fun. Come on, who doesn’t like scantily-clad people running around at midnight, flash mobs and organically grown fun that deviates from the norm.

This would not have been my first rodeo with “free nighttime and let’s get real drunken fun” at Balboa Park. I have attended boozy ice blocking, skateboarding flash mobs at 2 a.m. and photo shoots and make-out sessions in men’s bathrooms that would make George Michael look tame. Here is what I think it was; a great idea in concept, just a terrible choice of location. People coming together to have fun is what being young and summer is all about, and who hasn’t been there once or twice? If you haven’t that really sucks and you should have gotten out more!

It happened, it is done and expecting a bunch of twenty-something kids to turn themselves in willingly is unrealistic and a bit rigid. Let’s hope they learned from it and move on!

No fish were harmed in the making of this review.

Enough ‘Stage’ for everybody

This weekend, I went downtown to the Gaslamp to party. I have to admit that, generally speaking, I really can’t stand going out at night in San Diego’s way-too-straight seethe pool of drunk military guys (as in not rough trade, just rough!), cheesy dress codes and silk shirt garb. The last time I was in the downtown area I was trying to figure out directions to a lesbian sex party and I don’t think that counts as “going out” in the Gaslamp. I beelined it to where I wanted to go and wondered why this shindig couldn’t have been somewhere less odd considering the occasion, but that’s another story for another week! However, the female DJ was amazing, it was a good crowd that was LGBT-friendly, but most importantly, there was no cover and the drinks were strong. I can attest to all of this!

Anyhow, if you go to the Gaslamp due to curiosity, or like in my case are striking a compromise with the trans boys you are painting the town red with, Stage is a must to check out. The vibe was great; they had multiple rooms with something for everyone playing; it was clean enough, yet Stage has just enough dirt to make it fresh.

DJ, producer and remix master Miss Dust aka Dusty tore it up; she has long-supported LGBT rights, spins ear candy, couldn’t be any hotter if she tried and gets everyone on the floor. She parks the typical DJ attitude at the door, is a must to check out and spins at Stage on Saturday nights. For more info on Miss Dust visit djmissdust.com

The night wrapped up with rescuing a puking curbside Navy guy and taking him back to the base, praying he didn’t repeat his actions in the car on the way there!

This is your Ambassador of the Night saying, don’t swim in iconic fish ponds, pick up after your party and please don’t leave friends to throw-up in front of crowded bars or clubs! Till next time.


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