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Conversations with Nicole: HRC Dinner, 20 years in the making, plus DeMaio, Hale like Nancy, Ronnie Reagan

Commentary: Conversations with Nicole

Handing out school supplies at The Center

Congratulations to Big Mike Philips, who this past weekend marked his 24th anniversary of moving to San Diego from Texas … their loss; our gain.

Carl DeMaio and Johnathan Hale = Ronald and Nancy Reagan

The entire GLBT community laughed its head off when Carl DeMaio told the San Diego media that his lover, Johnathan Hale would “have nothing to do with my administration” if he wins the mayor’s race. (All polls show Bob Filner ahead of DeMaio.) Well, what plain bullshit and a whopper of a lie – because we all know that first gentleman of San Diego-hopeful, Johnathan Hale has made it very plain that he will be the Nancy Reagan of San Diego to DeMaio’s Ronald Reagan.

Hale has told people who they both will and will not welcome to City Hall (yes, a Nixon-like enemies list has been drawn up). Word is that Johnathan Hale and DeMaio are letting GLBT city commissioners know if they support Bob Filner, they will not be reappointed. (Sorry boys; my term is not up until 2016.)

Everyone knows that Johnathan Hale is bragging all over town about what clout he will have and use if he becomes San Diego’s next “first lady.” He has told some he will marry Johnathan Hale on the steps of City Hall if he wins, while he tells others he will not push any GLBT civil rights issues. Hell, that Johnathan Hale even left a recording on my home phone threatening to run a story on his media site accusing me of being a child molester! He, of course, backed down from this lie and tried to apologize. Johnathan Hale and Carl DeMaio don’t just live together; they plot together.

We are tired of DeMaio’s two faces and his lies. Oh, how he loves his fellow queers in Hillcrest and then denies us in Rancho Santa Fe. It’s only a matter of time until all San Diego will know what we know: If you elect Carl DeMaio, you will also be electing Johnathan Hale as “deputy mayor” along with his coveted title of “First Lady of San Diego.”

Dinner with Police Chief Lansdowne and the lily pond issue …

Last week, I had dinner with San Diego Police Chief William Landsdowne at Lei’s Lounge. The chief and I have become good friends since he and I were sworn into our city positions the same day in 2003 at City Hall. I am also the first chair of the police chief’s GLBT advisory board. While most of our dinner conversation was “off the record,” I can say that the chief and I agree that the recent “lily pond water fight” organized by Ken St. Pierre and supported by other gay activists, such as Benny Cartwright, started off as a fun event for a steamy hot night, with no planning or idea that hundreds of people would show up and cause more than $20,000 worth of damage to our beloved Balboa Park.

But vandalism did happen; and laws were broken. Those who did it will be held accountable and the police chief told me that his investigation will be complete in a few weeks, and then handed over to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who I will also be having dinner with this week.

As for Johnathan Hale’s involvement, the facts are that his media outlet and his and Carl DeMaio’s closest gay friends, campaign supporters and some of Hale’s staff were organizers and pushed the water fight event from the beginning. And, while I feel Hale was not directly involved, he should take responsibility for his media outlet’s cheerleading of this event and he and Carl should make a donation to help cover the damage done. As for those who are trying to portray Bob Filner as “gay-baiting,” Filner has a longer and stronger record of supporting the GLBT civil rights movement since the 1970s than DeMaio and Hale combined. But did I like the way Bob Filner handled this “Lilygate” issue? No – period.

HRC Dinner … the good and the bad

Though it was mistakenly stated last Saturday night that it was the first-ever Human Rights Campaign (HRC) dinner in San Diego (actually, it was the second one; the first was held in Coronado and then mayor, Susan Golding was a special guest speaker). But many of us were very happy to see an HRC dinner finally come back after almost two decades.

Sincere Congratulations to Victor Ravago, Lisa Mata, Dr. Joel Trambley and the entire hard-working committee and volunteers for their putting together this second dinner. But please do not try to erase the true history of HRC in San Diego and the leaders and the fellow hard workers of the first HRC dinner upon whose shoulders you all stand. I thought the food was fabulous and, as usual, Marine Sgt. Eric Alva gave a good speech. I also give kudos to Fred Sainz who in his speech praised his former mentors, Dr. Delores Jacobs and Jerry Sanders.

It was great to see Congressman Bob Filner and his stunning fiancee Bronwyn in attendance, along with state Assemblywoman Toni Atkins, Councilman Todd Gloria and School Board member Kevin Beiser, and of course Mayor Jerry Sanders and his lovely family. But please never hold this black tie event at the Hard Rock Hotel in the middle of a hot, steaming August on the night of a baseball game a few blocks away with no parking to be found, and the room at times as hot as a sauna.

Also, the Washington D.C. and National HRC presence was overpowering at our local dinner … but for many of us in San Diego, it was very upsetting to see former HRC national board member and the one person majorly responsible for bringing a strong HRC presence back to San Diego never even mentioned, much less recognized or presented with a very well deserved award or honor. Yes, we are talking about City Commissioner Stampp Corbin. I write all of this as a proud past founding HRC national board member and a strong supporter of HRC, since it was first established in Washington D.C. I look forward to the third HRC dinner next year.

More than 45 children get school supplies

A very big “thank you!” to all of the many of you who supported the annual Martini’s Above Fourth’s Christmas Wreath Auction and other benefits of the Imperial Court and LGBT Center’s Eddie Conlon/Queen Eddie Youth Fund that supports GLBT youth and students all year long.

This past weekend I stopped by The Center to help give badly-needed school supplies to more than 45 students, ranging from 5-14 years old. We also gave five young students some new school clothes. A big, big “thank you” to Jane and Frank of Family Matters, Caroline Ramos of The Center, Emperor Tom and Empress Ajax and the Imperial Court, Big Mike and Martinis Above Fourth.

Nicky Awards this Sunday, Aug. 26

Just follow the live red carpet show to the “Pavilion” of the Marriott Mission Valley Hotel, this coming Sunday, Aug. 26 for the 37th presentation of the Nicky Awards, one of San Diego’s most fun and Oscar Awards-like nights with everyone invited to attend.

The Nicky Awards program will begin at 7 p.m. sharp and producer Allan Spyere told me that this year’s winners will be allowed to say a few words … good change.

For more info or tickets, tables etc: 619-300-1232 or nickyawards.com

Hopefully, there might be some tickets sold at the door!

Oh yes, there will be a “Best and Worst Dressed List” in next week’s issue of San Diego LGBT Weekly!

Nicole Murray Ramirez has been an award-winning columnist since 1973, and a Latino and gay activist for well over 40 years. He is currently a city commissioner and has served the last five mayors of San Diego. He is also a national board member of the Harvey Milk Foundation and chairman of the International Court Council of the USA, Canada and Mexico. Nicolemrsandiego@aol.com

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  1. It is wonderful that the HRC finally had a dinner in San Diego and it was a great event. Nicole you and Stampp are just upset that it was not a boost Nicole’s ego event like all others in San Diego are. It’s nice you praise the event but leave your negative remarks out. Congratulations HRC San Diego!

  2. @AndyCohenSD @drolland Nicole, less than a year ago: “We are tired of DeMaio’s two faces and his lies.” http://t.co/aBTwdifs62

  3. RT @citybeatkelly: @AndyCohenSD @drolland Nicole, less than a year ago: “We are tired of DeMaio’s two faces and his lies.” http://t.co/aBTwdifs62

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