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OutRightNow growing fast, will soon be joined by LGBT Weekly — Pride Card app

Just before this year’s San Diego Pride, we chatted with NormSoft founder and chief technology officer, Tim Norman about his company’s partnership with San Diego LGBT Weekly, LGBTweekly.com and our retail discounts meet civil rights product, called The Pride Card. Because the final phases of the rollouts of the mobile applications the partnership has produced are happening in coming days, we’ve decided to republish the following Q&A with some new updated information, which first appeared in our special Pride Guide booklet a few weeks ago.

San Diego LGBT Weekly: How does this new partnership relate to LGBT Weekly’s readers?

Tim Norman: NormSoft and LGBT Weekly are partnering with the OutRightNow app to bring together LGBT news, local discounts (using The Pride Card), and everything that’s happening in our community.

What are the apps involved?

There were originally going to be three apps: The Pride Card app includes a listing of businesses near you that accept The Pride Card. The LGBT Weekly app will display local, national and international LGBT news. And the OutRightNow app combines Pride Card discounts and LGBT Weekly news with a complete listing of events happening in the community (24/7). However, Apple was only willing to let us do a total of two. So in addition to OutRightNow, we also have the LGBT Weekly-Pride Card app.

Who is the target audience?

The target audience for OutRightNow is anyone who likes to go out in the San Diego LGBT community. The app lists a broad range of what’s happening including fitness, happy hours, bar and club specials, community events, business events, and other happenings.

For the LGBT Weekly app, the target audience is anyone who enjoys reading the Weekly but wishes to do so on their mobile phone.

The Pride Card feature of the LGBT Weekly – Pride Card app is targeting anyone looking for discounts from local businesses that support equal rights.

What can users expect?

The great thing about the app is it lets you see at a glance what’s happening right now regardless of where you are or what time it is. The first thing that you see is the What’s Happening section, which shows you everything that’s going on at that moment, closest ones first.

The Pride Card portion of the other app – the LGBT Weekly-Pride Card app – lets you quickly see what Pride Card discounts are available nearby, and the LGBT Weekly aspect of the app puts the great news stories from the LGBT Weekly instantly at your fingertips.

How much does it cost?

Both the OutRightNow and combined LGBT Weekly-Pride Card apps are free.

Anything new on the horizon; updates, upgrades as we move forward?

Definitely! We are going to continue to provide improvements and additional features to the apps as we go forward. I am beginning work on Android versions of the apps, and I am also looking at expanding OutRightNow to other cities. v

Should readers who become users of the apps provide feedback? What kind and how should they do so?

Yes! If you like the apps, leave a good review on the Apple App Store. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to email support@normsoft.com. v

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