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First impressions

Social Chaos: Design Time

Hello everyone, I hope you have recovered from all of San Diego’s summertime soirees such as San Diego Pride or one of the big pool parties for a cause. This town has been busier than my hometown beauty salon on a half-price senior wash-and-set Wednesday!

When Pride was over I had to spend the next couple of days recuperating. I relaxed and watched a couple of classic movies. You know, what always captivates me is the entrances the great movie stars used to make, always dressed to the nines and cocktail in hand; there was always an entrance to be made. Whether it was Faye Dunaway as Joan Crawford walking down the staircase of “the most beautiful house in Brentwood” or Rosalind Russell’s’ ever-changing foyer in “Auntie Mame,” the women of Hollywood classic movies always knew which room in the house was most important: the main entrance! The entryway, the foyer, the receiving area, antechamber, vestibule or the lobby; these are the spaces that every guest in your home experiences. This is where first impressions of your home are emblazoned in the memories of the people you invite in. On the other hand, a forgettable entry is just, well, forgettable.

Your foyer should be a reflection of your personality. It is the first thing that sets the tone for the rest of your home. Since my personality is as big as my hair, I went for larger-than-life settings in my condo.

Seductive seating

Using a bench, settee or even a small ottoman at the front door makes your guest feel welcomed and invited to stay for a while. I also like to have seating by the door so after those long nights I don’t have far to go to kick my Manolo Blahniks off; I have such a love/hate relationship with my shoes. I love them but after a couple of hours they hate me.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are hung for reflection or to create the illusion of a larger space. Placement of the mirror is really important; it should never be hung right in front of the door. No guest wants to be greeted with their own image. I know with these new condos the only wall to put a mirror on is usually opposite the front door. So I recommend blocking part of the mirror with objets d’art or fresh flowers. This way your guests are focused only on your beauty.

Small spaces and big hair

Even the smallest entries need to stand out. I find accentuating the space by bringing art from floor to ceiling can give much needed height and depth to an otherwise small and seemingly useless area. Since my hair is two feet high, my art work is still visible behind me.

All this talk about grand entries and making first impressions reminds me of my home town. My Great Auntie Cloie Midia was one of the first founders of Tackysburgh, Texas. She had more money than the queen. Oh and Auntie Cloie; had the most breathtaking foyer. I always thought that she was from the “old money” branch of the family tree; but later found out that her riches were assumed from no fewer than six husbands. But, I digress. As I have said before, whether you are greeting guests or in my aunt’s case, decorating for hasty departures, your home’s foyer is the one place in the house that everyone who enters and must eventually exit through. Either way, make sure it leaves an impression. v

Furnishings and room vignette provided by: AT HOM; 2310 Kettner Blvd., Suite B, San Diego.

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