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William Murray: Islam is no religion (‘and oh; elite homosexual diplomats caused recent strife in MidEast’)

Rick Santorum (L) poses with William J. Murray

Weighing in with his “expert” analysis, the Religious Freedom Coalition’s William J. Murray, speaking to the  American Family Association in a recent radio interview, “explained” how and why the attacks, sieges and tragedies at several Middle Eastern sites of American embassies and consulates occurred. According to Murray, the main problem with American foreign policy is that it is overrun by elite homosexual diplomats. Add to that, he asserts, the “fact” that Islam is “not a real religion,” and that Muslims can’t stand homosexuality, and the inevitable outcome is violence like that which killed four Americans in Benghazi, Libya recently.

Says Murray:

The problem is the core of Islam. This is what it teaches and to say that this is a small number of people—no, the small number of people are the ones that are peaceful in Islam and they’re apostates, they aren’t true believers. But those are the ones that our elites are used to doing business with, those are the ones that the businessmen in the West, they’re dealing with the apostates; our politicians, our ambassadors are dealing with the apostates.

Look at Christopher Stevens, the ambassador that was killed, he was probably a homosexual. Many of the diplomats, the State Department diplomats that I meet with in the Middle East when I go are homosexuals. When I went to the Jordanian embassy a few years ago the ambassador took the group of us that were there on a fact-finding mission and he wanted a picture of us with him in front of a rainbow colored flag, not the US flag. We send people there and they deal with people on an elite level that aren’t really truly Muslims, we send nutcases over there who are dealing with apostate Muslims and then they report back that this is Islam. This is not Islam. What Islam teaches is what is being dealt in the streets.



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