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Canadian Census counted same-sex roommates as ‘married’

OTTOWA – Canada’s 2011 Census of Population has shown that the number of same-sex couples has continued to increase. Same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada in July 2005. Between 2006 and 2011, the number of same-sex married couples nearly tripled (+181.5 percent), according to the Census. However, officials have now realized that many of the […]

Nice to be home

I am visiting my hometown Portland (the real one!), Maine. In the coffee shop this morning I overheard, “A deeah run into muthah’s cah dowah when she was leavin the pahkin lot.” A perfectly clear report of a common occurrence. Had this been heard in San Diego, various “wits” would claim to need a translation. […]

Comfort book for the journey

The Velvet Rage To out or not to out? At this point in your life, you’ve made your decision but sometimes, you get a little angry that it’s even an issue. Sometimes that anger really gets you down, enough to make you want to just sit and think – or sit and drink, and that’s […]

Shoot Me!

Support our police force; they’re the best

Yes; at times, I have to use a cane to get around. I also sometimes use a broomstick to fly around. Any more endless questions I can answer for you, my darlings? Police and movie: End of Watch Everyone should see the movie, End of Watch. That’s not because last week it was the No. […]

Re-election could unleash new jobs plan

“Where are the jobs?” That’s the unabashed clarion cry House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner bellowed upon taking the lectern as speaker in 2011, and it’s the same sad song he sings when, after nearly two years of proposing nary a jobs plan of the Republicans’ own, he needs to appear relevant again. Sure the […]

“A playwright and a playhouse walk into a martini bar … Playwright Bunin of ‘Sam Bendrix at the Bon Soir’ interviewed

Most San Diegans wouldn’t expect to see, or hear, the names La Jolla Playhouse and Martinis Above Fourth in the same sentence, but they’d better get used to it. Starting Sept. 24, at Martinis Above Fourth, The La Jolla Playhouse will present another Without Walls (WoW) presentation entitled Sam Bendrix at the Bon Soir. The […]

Who are you walking for? AIDS Walk 2012

This year the AIDS Walk launched a Facebook site for participants to answer the question, “Who are you walking for?” Some weeks ago this writer attended a team leader informational meeting. At the end of the session the leader asked the attendees to answer the question on video. That gave me pause to think back […]

A perfectly funny crowd-pleaser

Pitch Perfect Why college campuses, especially on the East Coast, are overpopulated with a cappella groups is a mystery to me. Virtually no one who isn’t on a college campus pays to see a cappella groups. No one buys their albums, and I don’t know anyone who can name an a cappella group that isn’t […]

Breaking open the political fortune cookie

Notwithstanding gaffes and tax releases, this time between the party conventions and the presidential debates provides a quiet moment to assess the current state of the November elections and make some predictions (anyone can wait until Nov. 5). Fortunately, the pollsters aren’t taking time off so I have plenty of data to help. The presidency. […]

Pride Card Deals


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