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Barney Frank responds to Log Cabin Republicans’ endorsement of Mitt Romney

Barney Frank

Congressman Barney Frank today released a statement in response to the announcement by the Log Cabin Republicans that they are endorsing Mitt Romney to be President of the United States.

The endorsement was announced only one day after the release of an essay by Congressman Frank, that has been published in full on LGBTweekly.com, in which he states that given the voting records of Republican members of Congress, including those endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans, “there is simply no logical basis whatsoever for arguing that voting for Republicans this year is a good way to advance LGBT equality.”

Congressman Frank‘s statement follows:

“When I read that the Log Cabin Republicans had fallen in line with their right-wing party and endorsed the anti-LGBT Mitt Romney, I was prepared to congratulate them for at least showing some intellectual honesty.  Their endorsement makes it clear that they are supporting Romney on grounds of party loyalty and because other issues are more important to them than LGBT rights.  People who give a higher priority than Log Cabin Republicans to our effort to win legal equality can take note of this in deciding how to cast their own votes.

“But I was surprised by the second part of the statement, which reached a new level of partisan acrobatics by asserting that they believe that Romney would roll the LBGT ball forward – contrary to everything he has been saying on the subject for years – because he is better than previous Republican Presidents.  It is true that political spinners sometimes lower the bar to justify their choices, but finding hope in a Romney Presidency for LGBT equality on the grounds that he will not be the third in a string of anti-LGBT Republican presidents who preceded him, is not simply lowering the bar – it’s burying it under several feet of concrete.”



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2 Comments for “Barney Frank responds to Log Cabin Republicans’ endorsement of Mitt Romney”

  1. This from the person who caused the housing market to crash? And then continues to lie about it on television. The day before the housing market crash, he got on TV and said that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack (who he is in charge of) is doing just fine.

    Liar, liar, liar….The dems are ruining this country.

    Romney / Ryan 2012

  2. And how long has Mr Barney Frank been a congressman? And just what has he done for the lgbt community “significantly” in his 31 years serving? Nothing! Time for a change ! But once given the chance and elected romney needs to improve the economy or also face being a one term president. Thats how we hold politicians accountable …….vote them out!
    Romney/Ryan 2012

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