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Dec. 25: the year’s most important birthday

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“To the moon, Alice”

Hooray! We survived the Mayan apocalypse (talk about Montezuma’s revenge!) and now is the time for Hanukkah, Kwanza and the big birthday Dec. 25. No, not for He who cannot be officially mentioned, I mean mine.

Despite the universal festivities and rejoicing, it’s not a good day for a birthday. I never had a party and the day started with a stocking filled with a tube of toothpaste, an orange, new underpants, two batteries, a bag of peanuts and a comb. My parents were nothing if not practical. We were, however, allowed one “good” present. For example, my sister got a fabulous princess doll with complete wardrobe, jewelry, real hair and a tiara!

I got a football.

Alas, it mysteriously got mixed in with the empty boxes and got trashed. I was devastated.

Yearly, I endured the inevitable present of a pair of socks or gloves, “One for birthday and one for Christmas.” Shrieks of laugher from everyone (except me). I endured all to get my birthday cake.

But enough about me; it really is a special time of year. I wish you all feliz hanukchriskwanza. I just made that up.

Apologies to the local druids and Saturnalia lovers, but I’m working on a song and as is the rhyme scheme is a killer.

Anyway, for whatever or why-ever, have a wonderful celebration with loved ones and a trouble-free, prosperous and healthy New Year.

Where is Ralph sending Alice? Huh? Who?

Recently at Guys, Games and Grub night I joined a much younger crowd and played Trivial Pursuit. One genius was fantastic, but I suspect he had memorized the answers. The rest of us did respectably well, but I was amazed by what the young’uns didn’t know: Kate Smith, Annette and Fabian, Tonto’s Scout, even “To the moon, Alice” brought blank stares.

And in our world: The Mattachine Society, Stonewall, The Well of Loneliness. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, ask a senior.

My educator’s blood pressure rises with every episode of the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo show. I have endured the awfulness of every mind-numbing escapade. I was equally appalled watching the complete series re-run. When she was asked who Elvis was, she guessed he was one of Santa’s elves. I fell on the floor (twice).

But later I thought, “Wait a minute. That was a good guess.” Why should the name Elvis mean anything to her; likewise Kate and Fabian? We forget how fast the years have sped by.

As the days dwindle down, we must not get stuck in the past. There is so much of interest going on around us. True, we seniors don’t really care about a super-train that will run in 2035, but with careful selection there are plenty of topics, policies, events to keep our interest up and our spirits boosted. Let’s not waste our time vegetating. Get up, get out and become an active part of 2013 and beyond.

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