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Time to plan your next ‘STD’ vacation!

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It’s truly my favorite time of the year … yes it’s me time! You’re probably thinking, “Mrs. T isn’t it your time – all the time?” And you would be right. But I am referring to the time I like to take all to myself after the last couple of months of drunken holidays, usual family sleepovers and seasonal floral and glitter decorating. Finally, 100 percent of me, 100 percent of the time! How decadent!

I think I should elaborate so you all don’t start calling me a bunch of nasty adjectives that would make the hookers on the corner kitty hairs curl!

Every year at the beginning of February I start planning my STD vacation – my Searching Trendy Designs vacation! I take a couple of weeks a year off from my busy career of hand modeling for the local pharmacy. I travel to unique and exotic locations to gather information and ideas for the next and best design trends. I believe experiencing all the local flavor of mystical, exotic and sensual places opens all the senses for a full design experience.

You’re probably thinking, “Damn girl, you’re living the dream but how can I do that? It sounds so expensive!” OK, I am going to let you in on a little secret of mine: gay-ville.com.

This is a fabulous little gem that I came across that allows me to travel throughout the world and book gay-friendly accommodations; whether it be a vacation home, apartment, bedroom or even just a sofa.

Even when I was down to no cash, and had to scrape the bottom of the glue stick to get the last dab so I could finish my eyebrows, I was still heading to the airport for Madrid! I have been to London, Paris, Italy and even Rio de Janeiro all on a drag queen’s budget.

There is a whole world of design out there! Don’t wait for some 3-year-old issue of Martha Stewart Living seen at your doctor’s office, to show you what would work for your home.

Pack up that steamer trunk of wigs, lashes and walking heels and take an adventure and explore the smile of the Mona Lisa at the Louvre in Paris.

Take a gondola ride through the canals of Venice or trek through the ruins of ancient architecture to find your next true design inspiration.

I have come a long way since those years of family vacations in my second cousins trailer in the backwoods of some small town that felt like a scene from the movie Deliverance.

I was there searching for some design inspiration while running from my cousin who wanted to show me how good of a kisser his daddy said he was. The only thing I ever came back with was a bad case of herpes and some chintzy quilt my auntie sewed out of old socks!

Oh how I love my life today! Live your dream today and log onto gay-ville.com and plan your next STD vacation.

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