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Easter must be true

wtf? where’s the faith? BY REV. DAN KOESHALL One of the things I love about our church is the diversity we have. Look around – people come from all walks of life and from many different denominations, church experiences and spiritual paths. We are a community church built on the premises of what our founder, […]

BILLY BEAN: Padres hero returns to San Diego for ‘Out at the Park’

There are some very serious gay baseball fans out there who rank players by batting average and wins above replacement (WAR). The rest rank them by attraction and aspiration: who’s hot, who might be gay and who must be gay. Most gay Padres fans in the early ’90s no doubt put boyishly handsome outfielder Billy […]

This bad boy is just a little bit brilliant

Spring Breakers I saw Spring Breakers, Harmony Korine’s perverse exploitation art film, with five bears and a couple hundred teenagers who thought they were seeing a Tarentino-fied Where the Boys Are. That said, I doubt any of those kids have ever heard of Where the Boys Are, the 1960 film starring George Hamilton and Yvette […]

Snow, snow, glorious snow

Two days ago a friend from Maine called and announced, “It is 31 degrees, so don’t tell me you’re freezing at 60.” The edge to his voice warned of instant disconnection should I dare. What an old crab. It reminded me, however, of the happy (not) winter struggles of walking home at minus 10 degrees, […]

Take Me Out

Why hasn’t Auntie Helen’s issued a statement?

Many of us knew, loved and supported Auntie Helen’s founder Gary Cheatham and I know he must be rolling over in his grave over the public scandal that continues to plague his beloved dream. Auntie Helen’s has had to admit financial mismanagement and has been forced to return San Diego County funding and grants because […]

Killing Them Softly

dvd of the week This under-seen crime drama is Andrew Dominik’s follow-up to the under-seen, but brilliant The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford. This one isn’t as powerful, but it’s just as amazing to look at, taking the slow-motion violence style to the pinnacle of the artform. Brad Pitt plays a […]

Easter Sunday on Turner Classic Movies

dvr this Starting at 4:30 a.m., TCM is playing one great, not-so-great and fabulous Easter movie after another. It starts with Ben-Hur, the epic gladiator-meets-Jesus movie that star Charlton Heston didn’t realize was secretly a gay love story. At 3 p.m., they’re showing Easter Parade, the wonderful Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Ann Miller musical; forgive […]

SPORTS: San Diego offers a host of opportunities for the LGBT community

There’s no doubt about it. San Diego is a great city to live in if you’re an athlete and a member of the LGBT community. With many LGBT-founded leagues and teams in the area, there are opportunities for practically any sports fan. Athletes of all skill levels are welcome to join, compete and, perhaps most […]

Can the biggest loser become the biggest winner?

commentary One of today’s most popular TV reality shows is the Biggest Loser. The contestants are a group of extremely overweight people whose unhealthy lifestyle habits have put them on the path to an untimely death. Before becoming a member of the Biggest Loser cast, contestants must face rigorous health exams, and a wake-up call […]

Pride Card Deals


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