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Spring has sprung!

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Hello all my little Trendies! I just got back from my morning sashay through Balboa Park. Oh what a beautiful day it is! The sun is shining, the air is warm, the boys are out and about and Mother Nature is in full swing!

I was thinking to myself as I was climbing out of the bushes in the canyon, spring has finally arrived in San Diego, and it could not come at a better time. This girl was over the winter blues. I needed to hike up my skirt, let my hair down and feel the sun on my porcelain skin. I was overwhelmed with joy; I felt like Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music high atop a mountain twirling and singing like I had popped a couple of happy pills!

As I walked through the park and saw Mother Nature in full swing, I was so inspired by her natural beauty; I needed to figure out how I could bring all the freshness and joy of spring into my home.

For the last couple of months it has been dried flowers and green garland all over the place. I needed to bring life back into my place and what a better way to do it than with fresh flowers.

It might seem like a simple fix but it can change everything! Sometimes the simplest things can make the biggest change in our lives. I love the smell of fresh flowers throughout my place. Daisies, lilies, roses and jasmine! And I am not talking about a few of the other drag queens in San Diego.

If you can recall a previous Design Time from September 2012, First Impressions, I talked about making an entrance. I know a couple of things about making an entrance, everything from climbing out of a limo pulling a Britney to arriving to a homecoming on my grandad’s tractor.

In First Impressions I created an inviting look to my home using a small table and mirror. Let’s update this space with a beautiful vase in color filled with your favorite flowers. Let’s remember that more is not always best. I am usually a firm believer in “Go big or go home,” hence my double D’s and silicone lips. But, you can overdo flowers!

There is nothing worse than a busy floral arrangement that is bigger than your Miata. Big flowers remind me of a funeral and the last thing you want to do is bring death into your home. Hey, hey, it’s not my fault my last boyfriend was 92 and had heart failure when I brought him home.

Flowers can be added almost anywhere in the home. I always have fresh flowers on my dining table and on the table in my boudoir. There is nothing better than waking up to the beautiful spring sun peeking through your window and the sight of flowers right in front of you. Here are some simple tips when it comes to flowers.

Remember simple is chic. Work with two of your favorite flowers and add filler, such as simple greens and wild flowers. I like to stay within the same color palette most of time or you can look to fashion trends for inspiration, such as color blocking.

Who says you can’t color block flowers? Recently I made a lovely arrangement using purple hyacinths and yellow daffodils, all placed in a clear glass vase filled with moss. I arranged the hyacinths higher than the daffodils creating the colored blocked look.

Use your imagination and creativity. If you’re a busy girl and don’t have time, go to your local florist, supermarket or farmers market. And please, when the petals start to fall throw your flowers away and get new ones.

So go out into nature and run around Balboa Park and get some inspiration, and please … stay out of the newly renovated lily pond.

Cheers my little Trendy setters!

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