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Establish your home, establish your life

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Hello everyone, I hope you are enjoying this wonderful Southern California weather. I know I sure am. This gurl is getting her T&A back to bitchin’ bikini body shape. Those winter months were not kind. I am on a new diet; it is a 4-course meal a night, two olives and a double Martini! I just don’t understand, for some reason the only thing I seem to have lost is my morals. But that’s OK, I will be rocking that new Sports Illustrated two piece, better than Kate Upton!

So I was out on my mid-morning sashay around Hillcrest, working off the extra six olives I splurged on the night before, when I came across another new design find in the gayborhood that I had to share with all my little Trendies. It is Establish, 1029 University Ave.

They have wonderful home accents and treasures galore such as, chairs, bedding, candles, cologne, handbags, jewelry, artwork, children’s organic toys, towels, plants and lighting; OMG, someone call the paramedics ‘cause this girl is going into a design coma!

Can I just say how much I loved the equestrian themed home accents? It brought back many a steamy memory of my teenage years; of those warm summer nights when I would spend hours down at the stables dreaming of Big Billy Joe the stable hand on my grand-paps farm. And let me tell you they didn’t call him Big because he was tall! But I digress.

I had to find the “T” out about the place, so I found the owner Burnz Fernandez, a very nice, yummy tasty treat. (I later found out he was Mr. Gay World U.S.A 2012!) Like that wasn’t enough to get my attention, he was a contestant on HGTV’s The White Room Challenge and won! Oh my, I was amidst a gay stud design celebrity! I almost bowed before him but was afraid I wouldn’t get up!

After Burnz and I talked a bit about, shall I say a few of our favorite big things, he shared with me the philosophy for Establish. “By establishing your home, you establish your life …” What a fabulous philosophy. I know it has taken me years to get to a point where my home was my life not the other way around. It did, however, bring me back to what my bartender also says to me on Friday nights, “By establishing your alcohol limit, you establish your morals.” I guess that’s why I seem to keep losing them! But as I said before, “I look fabulous!” So if you are out and about in the gayborhood stop by Establish and check out all the eye candy and the store as well.

As much as I wanted to stay and shop more this girl had to get home and beat her face for the show with the Golden Chicks. The more bills she makes the more she can spend! It is not easy being a design whore. Like my momma always said, “Those who said beauty was skin deep, are just poor!”

See you all Thursday nights at 8:15 at 1202 University Ave. And don’t forget about our new Sunday brunch show on the first Sunday of every month.

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