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Filling my briefs

Social Chaos: Bill's Briefs

This is my 100th brief! Looking back over the lgbtweekly.com Web site, I was especially pleased to re-live certain memories, i.e. Mine is Bigger than Yours (issue 26), High School Reunion (51), What’s a Dingleberry (36) and to review my advice in Beating Around the Bush (42), De-gay or Not De-gay (81), The Size of Your Tip (30) and recent favorites Banquet Memories (117), Snow (116) and The Shame of the Unmarried (106).

Where do I get so many topics? No problem. I pay attention to what people around me are discussing and any new place or event can spark my interest. Forget the famous tourist-filled sites; I purposefully go to an unfamiliar trolley station or bus stop, walk around and invariably I run into something which draws me closer; especially people in action: repairing shoes, making tortillas, etc. It is easy to get them to open up. I just smile and say, “That’s interesting. How do you do that?” With a little encouragement, they are off and running. People love to talk about their specialty, particularly if they are used to being ignored.

With a friend driving (I sit and look pretty), we hit garage sales, open houses, street markets, fairs, art shows, school/university events plus the amateur dance, theater and music groups which can be surprisingly good.

And you? No plans today? Just TV and a nap? Give it a try. Time is short; get out and learn, see, enjoy.

As for me, I’ve got to pack my new briefs with something attention-getting. Any suggestions?

Graduation day then and now

On seeing the photos of the recent high school graduates, we seniors recall a different world.

In our day the military draft awaited the guys and the gals were to go to college to get a Mrs. or, in case of the unthinkable, a teaching certificate; blacks were to know their place and stay useful, but not uppity, and gays were to get married, keep closeted or move so as not to embarrass the family.

My graduation day memories are hazy, but I remember we sang a great “Onward Christian Soldiers” never wondering what the Jewish kids thought. The prom was obligatory for all but the hopeless. A date was somehow obtained and gays of both sexes did their best to partake of the evening’s inevitable necking ritual for as long as we could stand it before finding some excuse to get home as fast as possible. (My goodness, 11:10 already!)

As for the straights, it was the night when many a girl gave her all, so to speak; that magic night which was to be regretted by an unlucky few nine months later.

After working my usual summer job at the race track (a future article), I followed family tradition and went to the University of Maine; with no cell phone, no Internet – just my typewriter and slide rule (ask a senior).

One semester of business administration was enough. I secretly changed to theater arts; confessing all two years later when father asked why I didn’t yet know the difference between a bond and a stock.

Today’s gay and lesbian graduates face the future, as we did, filled with both trepidation and excitement, but they enter an atmosphere of openness and acceptance that was beyond our imagination.

As they head off to the great adventure, I wish them well and hope their dreams come true.

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  1. It’s the 100th brief! This week Bill takes a trip down memory lane in: Filling my briefs http://t.co/JZ2SONoN1K #sandiego #LGBT #Gay

  2. It’s the 100th brief! This week Bill takes a trip down memory lane in: Filling my briefs http://t.co/JZ2SONoN1K #sandiego #LGBT #Gay

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