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Getting married? Start planning that registry!

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Wow, am I exhausted from a fabulous Pride weekend! So many things to see and do I wasn’t sure if I would have time to make them all. I was changing in and out of outfits faster than Kim Kardashian changes boyfriends. With all the great parties last weekend and so many boys, I was dripping more than a hooker on a Sunday night! I want to give a shout out to 1202 for having a great party and not being stingy with the pour! Thank God mamma taught me how to walk in platforms without spilling a drop, but I digress.

Can I hear a loud “About effin’ time!” for the overturning of DOMA. That had to be the highlight of the whole weekend. Seeing all the newly married couples and soon to be couples marching proud. It brought a tear to my eye, thinking of all that fresh meat that will now be off the market once those sugar daddies snatch them up! But on the bright side think of all the fabulous parties we will be having soon.

You know that got me to thinking! With all these marriages taking place where do we go and register for the gifts! I mean we are not only getting married for love, there are a lot of presents to be had! We worked hard to get this right and I ain’t gonna waste an opportunity to get my new blender, sofa or table linens. I mean it is part of getting married; right after “I do” comes the cash and prizes, so let’s start planning that registry! I was so happy to hear that a couple of my closest friends were planning on tying the knot, but could you imagine my surprise when I found out that they had no idea where to register or even if they could! So I had a rainbow of an idea. I need to help my special Trendies find places that offer “LGBTQ wedding registries.” After doing a little digging I was able to find some incredible home accent stores that would make any bride boy or groom girl blush with excitement! Here we go:

AT HOM Store Design Staging, 2310 Kettner Blvd., Suite B in San Diego, 619-744-9974, at-hom.com

Cody’s, 142 University Ave. in San Diego, 619-269-7264, shop@codyshome.com

VI Star – Botanica, 2355 India Street in San Diego, 619-795-6666.

Established, 1029 University Ave. in San Diego, 619-542-1481, establishsd.com

Bloomingdales, 7057 Friars Road in San Diego, 619-610-6400, bloomingdales.com

I am tickled glitter now that we can experience all the same rituals and experiences that have been withheld from us for so long. This is a gift that has been given to us and it should not be taken too lightly. I don’t want to see my little Trendies running out and getting married ‘cause we can. Let’s face it, would you sit down and have a friendly chat over tea with Michele Bachman because you can? I don’t think so.

So remember, with every “I do” comes many years of love, joy, happiness, families, and yes, even pain, arguing and stubborn moments. Just remember that you married this person because you love them good, bad and crazy!

The last thing we want to do is give Kim Kardashian the satisfaction that her wedding outlasted a gay wedding!

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