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And the beat goes on …

Who is counseling Carl DeMaio? DeMaio reportedly took a lie detector test to prove he was not masturbating in the City Council men’s room; his accuser is state Sen. Ben Hueso. Why would DeMaio take a lie detector test? Has San Diego politics just become an extended Jerry Springer or Maury Povich show?

First, lie detector results are, the majority of time, not admitted in a court of law. Why? Because people can rig the results by repeating the lie over and over again, so their heart rate and other bodily functions that a lie detector uses to determine if the person is lying, do not respond when asked about the event in question. For example, were you masturbating in the City Council men’s room?

While I have no idea whether the allegation against former City Councilmember DeMaio is true, why on earth would he take a lie detector test to try to prove it to be untrue?

Politically, DeMaio has given the story legs, as we say in the media business. As opposed to the story going away, now everyone is talking about him taking a lie detector test. A test that DeMaio most likely paid for and was administered by a company his support team selected. Even the most politically naïve should know if you are going to take a lie detector test, your supporters or you should not pick the firm. It immediately calls into question the validity of the test and defeats the reason for taking the test in the first place. That’s just plain dumb.

Now that the lie detector test is done, DeMaio is reportedly releasing the results to the UT-San Diego; as if anyone does not know that the UT and publisher Doug Manchester are DeMaio’s biggest supporters. Why not give the results to San Diego LGBT Weekly, CityBeat or the Reader. We all have more credibility than the UT when it comes to matters of the Republican Party.

According to sources at City Hall, this story has been circulating with City Councilmembers and their staffs since 2009. DeMaio is denying the claim and blaming his favorite scapegoat: labor. What evidence does DeMaio have that labor is behind the accusation? Absolutely nothing. State Sen. Ben Hueso has made the accusation and he needs to step forward, on camera, and tell the citizens of San Diego what he saw or say that his comments were taken out of context.

Jeesh … here we go. I don’t want our city to suffer yet again. Let’s put this to rest.

Stampp Corbin


San Diego LGBT Weekly


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