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British documentary to showcase brutal violence against LGBT community in Putin’s Russia

This Wednesday,  Channel 4, England’s commercially funded but publicly owned television station, plans on airing a documentary entitled Hunted. As if the title needs explanation, the special, produced with an alarming degree of willingness on behalf of many of the participants, catalogs the growing tolerance the Russian people are demonstrating toward groups like Parents of Russia and Occupy Pedophilia who, as self-appointed vigilantes are growing bolder in their efforts to intimidate, harass, humiliate and, more troubling, attack members of the LGBT community.

The Guardian, which first broke the story  Saturday, quotes Peter Tatchell, a gay rights activist based in London who notes, “The 1936 Olympics took place in an atmosphere of anti-semitic hatred incited by the Nazi government. The 2014 Sochi Olympics echo that hatred, only this time the victims of demonization are LGBT people. There are no Nuremberg laws or concentration camps, but the hateful anti-gay propaganda is similar to the anti-semitism stirred by the Nazis in the early 1930s. How can there be normal sporting relations with an abnormal regime like Putin’s Russia?”

Occupy Pedophilia, which now has chapters in some 30 Russian cities sprang from President Vladimir Putin’s observation to the Western media recently that his main goal is to protect children from both homosexuality and pedophiles, thus linking the two together.

Hunted is an unflinching look at the steps – increasingly bold – that these groups are taking in their efforts to purify a nation that has had little tolerance for outside views or Western social democratic ideals.

Hunted, to be broadcast in the Dispatches strand  Wednesday at 10 p.m., will include the first television reporting of the concerted intimidation and humiliation carried out by the anti-gay groups Parents of Russia and Occupy Paedophilia. “We filmed these groups with their knowledge, and what I found shocking afterwards was that only a few asked to have their faces disguised. They all believe they are doing the right thing,” said Liz Mackean, the investigative journalist who traveled to Russia to make the film for Channel 4.

The fear that many members of the Russian LGBT community have is that once the Olympics have come and gone, they will be left to fend on their own in an environment that, with each passing day, sinks lower down on the scale of human rights.


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3 Comments for “British documentary to showcase brutal violence against LGBT community in Putin’s Russia”

  1. Such a thing as perspectivism, plurality of perspective, and I think it’s good to respect opposing views and tolerate them. I happen to agree with Russia’s law against proselytizing children and minors into the LGBTP cult-like movement.
    And yes, the potential for seduction of minors via the members of these true believers, these rabid LGBTP culturists, is there. Teens have enough to deal with between puberty and adolescence, and they needn’t be burdened with the idea that they have to choose a sexual or gender identity. Such issues can be handled privately if or when they arise, and when the person becomes an adult, they can consider these things with more maturity. Pedaphilia is another sexual issue, not unlike LGBT, their views are discriminated against, so ironic for the LGBT to then discriminate against the sexual psychology of pedophiles, as they themselves were discriminated before. I just think Russia has it right on this issue, and Americans are wrong, though for whatever reason, Americans cannot imagine themselves ever being wrong about anything, they are so exceptional!

    • Dear Rocky Fjord,

      I don’t usually do this sort of thing. By which I mean t even entertain such idiocies let alone respond.

      Your neanderthal belief that the goal of LGBT communities is that of seduction is highly misguided and based on what evidence exactly? What about their actions exactly is seductive? Is there a check list? Pray tell.

      You’ve confused rhetoric and myth for fact and failed to acknowledge hierarchies of sexuality; with heterosexuality positioned at the top, the position of which I can only imagine is where you envisage yourself (whether consciously or not).

      You opinion I can only assume is based on fear. For you don’t strike me as a progressive, reflective individual. You strike me as someone who is fearful of loosing their privilege and position – a position within culture and society that is default and not earned.

      Pedophiles abuse positions of power and trust: they sexually and psychologically abuse, violate and manipulate.

      Your comment leads me to believe you’re far more akin to a pedophile than any of the LGBT community as you’ve suggested in your comment.

  2. Rocky you are quite clearly from the rabid right wing ignorant mob! I think you need to do your research! #inappropriate

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