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Baja Betty’s and Flicks sent hate letters

Eddie Reynoso of Baja Betty’s talking to 10 News Image: 10News

10News in San Diego has reported that at least two gay bars in Hillcrest have received threatening letters.

Eddie Reynoso, marketing manager at Baja Betty’s, showed 10News the 15-page letter written by “Eddie777, servant and messenger of God Yahweh.” Yahweh is known as the proper name of God in the Old Testament.

The letter, received just over a week ago has caused some concern. “That kind of raised a little bit of an alarm,” Reynoso told 10News.

The 10 News report revealed that the  address on the letter is an imaginary Los Angeles address. The rambling letter calls the bar immoral, full of child molesters and sex addicts, and issues a warning if the bar doesn’t shut down.

Reynoso read the letter to 10News: “God will punish you Mr. owner and staff, with luck, back luck, bad karma, injuries, car accidents, loss income, fight with other people and worst your future death.”

A few blocks down Flicks video bar also received a similar letter. According to the 10News report the bar staff posted the letter on its Facebook page, and bartender Christopher Charles said, “Posting it on Facebook shows those threats are still out there and that we aren’t afraid. We want people to know.”

Vigilance has been stepped up at both bars as a result of the letters.

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3 Comments for “Baja Betty’s and Flicks sent hate letters”

  1. I have never previously written to, or communicated with LGBT Weekly, nor have I responded to previous requests to do interviews with reporters affiliated with your news network when it was Update. This is my first ever written communication with your news service. I will explain why I am responding to this article, but I will first make a few points. It is very difficult for me to personally engage any news service that is not objective in its reporting on Christianity. As you well know I am a born again Christian who is also a former homosexual. Because you ridicule and degrade my faith and relationship to God, I spend little time taking serious your interpretation of the news. Further, you promote the pornography industry and profit from it, which I find to be sad and disturbing in light of the fact that so many, many young men have had their lives destroyed by the plague of crystal meth and the pornography industry right here in San Diego, particularly Hillcrest and North Park. Suicides, skyrocketing HIV rates among gay men ages 18-24, IV crystal meth use, self-destroyed physical health, violence, alcoholic binges, an imploding financial budget to care for new AIDS cases generated in Hillcrest, men admitting on numerous local business reviews sites that they are doing drugs and barebacking at the filthy Hillcrest-based Club San Diego bathhouse and brokenhearted family members who have lost their sons prematurely due to AIDS are all directly related to the crystal meth plague in and around the Hillcrest area. Yet, your publication neuters the seriousness of this disaster through your promotion and advertisement of businesses that YOU fully know are conduits for this catastrophe.

    Religious matters aside, common decency and concern for one’s fellow man should be enough to have long ago caused you to cease doing business with these businesses. I have a plethora of secured files on well known gay political and business figures in San Diego who are involved in crystal meth and sex circuit-style parties, some treating young sexual-experimenting males as if they are disposable TV dinners, eating their young bodies and souls as the sun sets on Friday night and then discarding them once the sun arises early Monday morning. The medical community is left to pick up the broken bodies and spirits of the already burned out bodies of these young men while the fat cat political and pig business figures, both Democrat and Republican, plaster their faces with repugnant and sordid piety as they return to their public lives of lies and deceptions.

    Even sadder, your news service appears as if you have regressed to early 1979 when disco was still experiencing its final orgasmic melody on the dance floors across America in preparation for the slithering – yet unnamed – serpent of HIV, its fangs beginning to drip with venom, crawling closer and closer to the dance floors overpopulated with unsuspecting dancers on speed-induced all night binges. I remember those days. I was there. I saw men fall like brittle trees, broken and dead from the ravages of the “gay cancer” as they coined it in the press. Reading your news site is often like reading 1978 gay community gossip rags in which organizing union marches were given equal billing with Sylvester performing at the I-Beam in San Francisco one week and Divine howling during an all night tea dance the next week – and the first death from AIDS was still over a year away (And I was there for both Sylvester’s and Divine’s concerts at the I-Beam).

    I left 30 years of practicing homosexuality nearly 15 years ago. I have suffered the painful effects of AIDS for 17 years after someone in Hillcrest intentionally infected me (and I have the irrefutable evidence to support that claim), Hepatitis C for 25 years, Cancer for 12 years, a ruptured gall bladder on December 10, 2012 which led to a total of 13 excruciating days during two hospitalizations and 3 near-death experiences (which I have videotaped and photographed), 2 major right knee reconstructive surgeries after someone at the previously named Hamburger Mary’s intentionally threw ice onto their dance floor causing my knee to buckle and severe my ACL after I performed one of my famous solo dances and cartwheels in 1998 (and the owner Chris paid for a taxi to get me to the UCSD emergency room, yet I never sought revenge or an easily winnable lawsuit – I merely fought to recover from year’s of painful surgeries and repairs, which is hard for an AIDS patient to do, so that I could run and finish the San Diego Rock and Roll 1/2 Marathon, finishing in 2014 in 5th place for all San Diego male runners in my 55-59 age division out of 30,000 runners with a time of 1:44:44, one of the fastest times in American history for an AIDS patient – and that was after having major reconstructive surgery of my left foot in January, four months before the race.) This past week, I received more difficult news, an MRI has revealed that cerebral fluid is impinging on my pituitary gland which causes the AIDS-related wasting that I’m struggling with to intensify. These are all the consequences of sexual behavior I engaged in over fifteen years ago.

    As a born again Christian, I renounced my old life and sexual behaviors and I have absolutely no desire to return to that life which produced so much physical, spiritual and mental pain for me. Further, it grieves me to see so many young men in Hillcrest who are making the same terrible decisions that I made. Even more horrific though, is that your publication promotes the businesses which I know for a fact are contributing to the spread of AIDS. Finally (before I get to the point of my responding to your article), you continue to give opportunities to publish a column to Nicole Murray Ramirez. Of all the many things that I find absolutely heinous about Mr. Ramirez is his feigned concern for AIDS patients and his self-congratulating platitudes for raising community awareness and financial donations for the plight of AIDS patients during the early days of the plague. It was Ramirez and his blasphemous relationship with Darl Edwards, the deceased owner of the gay sex club bathhouse Club San Diego, who fueled the spread of the AIDS epidemic and the deaths of countless young and foolish men who were introduced and then addicted to crystal meth at Club San Diego. Once these young men were addicted to the drugs they were virtually in bondage to the drug dealers who openly sold them meth on a daily basis at Club San Diego. Older homosexual men, lusting for more and more fresh meat, worked in tandem with the dealers, thus guaranteeing three things: 1. A never ending stream of customers for Darl Edwards’ bathhouse business, 2. A never ending stream of customers for the meth peddlers, 3. A never ending stream of drug addicted young men for the older chicken hawks and gay pornography industry.

    Nicole Murray Ramirez may wrap himself in the cloud of political activism and insider trading of confidential information he uses to control political winds at city hall, but there is coming a day of reckoning for all the suffering of the hundreds and hundreds of men who were infected with AIDS inside of the porn-peddling businesses that trafficked the lives of so many men in Hillcrest. Nicole Murray Ramirez stomped on the destinies of so many young men who would never get the opportunity to fully see what life would bring them, or to fulfill their God-given destinies, because they died of the AIDS they acquired in the drug infested cubicles of money-driven Darl Edwards’ gay bathhouse while Ramirez covered up for him by pimping the minds of the political figures who should have said, “No, Not On My Watch!” How do I know all of this? I was there in those bathhouses controlled by Edwards and Ramirez.

    I was a young man once. A wayward young man with a beautiful 6 foot tall runner’s physique, red hair, blue eyes, freckles, 24 years old and no history of doing crystal meth. I’ve never even smoked a cigarette and can’t stand alcohol. I had no idea what IV drug use was until I entered the dark world of Darl Edwards and Nicole Murray Ramirez. I was confused, I was lonely, a victim of horrific sexual abuse when I was a young boy. I had been abandoned by my wealthy family and left homeless. This eventually led me to the bathhouses by a predatory older homosexual. It was in the bathhouse owned by Darl Edwards and controlled by Nicole Murray Ramirez that I was introduced and addicted to crystal meth. It was in another gay bathhouse under the influence of Ramirez at 2200 University Ave. where I was intentionally infected with the AIDS virus that now causes me so much suffering. My chosen response at this point in my life is to publish a series of ebooks which will reveal the truth, all of it, about these very bad people and my life story of overcoming them.

    For a long time I prayed for Nicole Murray Ramirez, particularly when he started getting sick. I prayed he would get well and that some how he would repent and admit the horrible things he had done. It just seems as if he is never going to do that. I hope he does – for own eternal sake. I think you now get the idea why I find it so distressing and distasteful that you continue to give Mr. Ramirez a column in your publication.

    Now, as to the article. No matter how much I might disagree with the business practices of some in Hillcrest and the lifestyle choices of others, one thing you will never see me doing in my daily experiences in the neighborhood: I don’t call people derogatory names, I show respect even to those I disagree with, I never use profanity, I try to help others whenever I can. I try to live healthy as an example for others who are battling AIDS in the hopes that maybe they will stop smoking, drinking and doing drugs. I do try to be an encouragement, I try to overcome the things that I feel are destroying the lives of others and spreading AIDS and that includes the pornography industry and the bathhouses. And I will always watch out for those who are victims. I will fight to protect you even if I disagree with you. I do hold a vast amount of knowledge on the religious communities of San Diego and throughout America.

    The kind of language used by the person referenced in this article, particularly the term “Yahweh” is not a term typically used by Christians. It is, however, a term used by members of white supremacist and anti-Semitic groups, particularly a sect that believes the missing ten tribes of Israel settled in Great Britain. The Worldwide Church of God cult founded by Herbert W. Armstrong is one of the main proponents of this sect as was Mary Baker Eddy and her Church of Scientology. Their ideology comes under the umbrella known as British Israelism. British Israelism was inspired by numerous ideological factors, such as the desire for ordinary people to have a glorious ancestral past, pride in the British Empire, and the belief in the “racial superiority of white Anglo-Saxon Protestants”. Mary Baker Eddy referred to the United States and Great Britain as “Anglo-Israel,” and our “brother,” Great Britain, as “Judah’s sceptered race.”

    The Christian Science Parent Church has a messianic view of history. Its members believed that the English speaking peoples were the lost Israel and that they were mentioned in bible prophecy as the people who would bring about spiritual perfection on earth. Some of their more fanatical followers believe that the northern and western European and North American peoples were the descendants of the ten ancient tribes of Israel and that they were destined to lead the world, spiritually, to the millennial dispensation. A number of members also came to believe in pyramidology, the idea that the measurements and geometric design of the Great Pyramid in Egypt had religious and prophetic significance.

    This is very important to understand in the context of the neighborhood and history of Hillcrest. At one point in its history, Hillcrest was a center for Egyptology and the Egyptian Coptic Church. After the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922, discoveries in the tomb were prominent news in the 1920s. Tutankhamen came to be called by a modern neologism, “King Tut”. Ancient Egyptian references became common in popular culture and with a large Egyptian Coptic presence already living in Hillcrest, many local buildings were named and designed after Egyptian culture including The Nile Apartments and They Egyptian Theater, both located on Park Blvd. You can never underestimate the hidden fanaticism of some cults and their desire to resurrect ancient altars to their cults, particularly where business they deem offensive are currently inhabiting the historical sites of their ancient religious altars and sites. In the late 1890s thru the early 1900s, Hillcrest was the national center for demonic cults devoted to psychics and medium beliefs. That is not to say that there can’t be fake threats against businesses issued to create public or political energy leading up to a public event that has become stale and repetitious and lacks the interest it once held in a community.

    What makes these letters more likely to be of the fanatical religious sort is the use of the term “Yahweh”. This is the standard lingo used by extremists in the British Israelism cult movement. A variant of British Israelism formed the basis for a racialized theology and became known as Christian Identity, which has at its core the belief that non-Caucasian people have no souls and therefore cannot be saved. Brit-Am is an organization based in Israel, which also identifies the Lost Ten Tribes with the British and related peoples. Brit-Am uses biblical and rabbinical exegesis to justify its beliefs, supplemented by secular studies. An offshoot of the Christian Identity movement are several violent white extremist groups. On a message board for the white supremacist group Stormfront located in Birmingham, Alabama is a 2009 post by an individual using the name eddie777. His post was from a linked article to the once racially divided through forced Apartheid South African news website. https://www.stormfront.org/forum/t559519/

  2. Jennifer Mavens

    This is horrible, please stay safe everyone!

    To the poster above me WTF??? @_@

  3. It just goes to show that they’re cowards. We in the UK have protection from discrimination like this by the Police and the Police take threats VERY SERIOUSLY :(!!

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