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Gilroy pulls out Gyllenhaal’s greatest performance

Sites like Gawker, papers like the National Enquirer and stations like HLN give it some serious competition, but local television news is still arguably the crassest, most cynical and often least ethical news medium in the United States. This has been the case for decades, and “if it bleeds, it leads” has become a cliché […]

Catch you later, dude. (Not likely)

As seniors have done since the time of the cave-persons, we complain about the younger generation. Looking at the past, we grudgingly admit our parents felt the same way, but that was different; we were right. As the decades have passed, we noticed changes. Whether we approved or not, we often followed the trends in […]

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Vote Brown, Davis, DeMaio, Cate, Padilla Nov. 4

Next Tuesday, Nov. 4 is an important election as it will decide who will control Congress; but yet most political observers predict a low turnout. Locally there are also important races and let’s hope for a good turnout. I endorse Gov. Brown for re-election as well as Congresswoman Susan Davis. Let’s make history and elect […]


dvd of the week Maleficent was sold to us as Sleeping Beauty from the perspective of the villain, with Angelina Jolie vamping about and camping it up. It’s not: It’s a complete rewrite of the fairy tale. The story is structured by two neighboring kingdoms, one human and ruled by a nasty king, the other […]

Saturday Night Live

dvr this NBC, Saturday, Nov. 1, 11:30 a.m. – 1 a.m. Chris Rock hosts and Prince is the musical guest. Rock can be a comic genius, and his presence will hopefully inspire the erratic SNL writers to give us one of those now rare great shows. Prince is on a roll, putting out two critically […]

Of tricks and treats

Halloween and sweets go together like witches and brooms. When I was younger, I anticipated the excitement of trick-or-treating with friends and filling a plastic jack-o-lantern with candy. As a rambunctious teenager, I often participated in unwelcome tricks – mostly of the soaped window and toilet-paper-festooning variety. Today, I still get my fill of treats, […]

The cult of personality

Our coverage of the closing of Harvey Milk’s American Diner highlights one of the problems within the San Diego LGBT community. The whole concept of Harvey Milk’s American Diner is a case study in what happens when a “cult of personality” arises. A cult of personality happens when an individual, or individuals, use the mass […]


Transphobic? Dear Editor, Hey folks, I would appreciate no one use the term “transphobic” to describe the editorial folk at San Diego LGBT Weekly. They may disagree with you personally on what should or shouldn’t be acceptable commentary in the comment threads for my columns, but the publisher is giving a platform to folk who […]

Election preview

For all the talk of blue and red states, what is truly shaping the 2014 elections is the contrast between people who vote every two years and those who vote every four. Unfortunately for Democrats, many of their voters are in the latter group, making non-presidential years a tough slog. This year is no different, […]

Pride Card Deals


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