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Linda Harvey has the perfect Christmas gift for those ‘who claim to be gay’ (LISTEN)

Mission: America’s Linda Harvey knows just the thing to get that gay or lesbian friend this year: her new book, Maybe He’s Not Gay. The homophobic pundit’s book  urges people to “leave” the homosexual lifestyle. Right Wing Watch reported Harvey as saying, “If you were wondering what to get your teen or college student for […]

Ferguson protests spread coast to coast (VIDEO)

The outrage over the grand jury’s decision not to indict the police officer that shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has ignited a firestorm of protests across the country. CNN reports that the national furor isn’t just about one grand jury’s decision on one shooting case. To many protesters, the death of unarmed […]

EXCLUSIVE! John Waters: Separating man from myth

He’s known as the “Baron of Bad Taste” and the “Sultan of Sleaze”. His early films are cult classics and introduced the world to Divine’s outrageous character portrayals – who can forget the dog-feces-eating scene in Pink Flamingos? Of course, I’m talking about the legendary director, actor, screenwriter, stand-up comedian and author, John Waters. My […]

What I did for prevention — on sex, love, condoms and PrEP

For many years, the truth is, there has been no difference between saying “I am a sexually active gay man,” and “I am constantly afraid.” I came out to my mother at age 15, and she told me to make sure I did not get AIDS. I was born in 1989 and my father had […]

A thrilling set up for an explosive finale

At the end of Catching Fire, the second film in The Hunger Games series, our hero Katniss Everdeen, played by Oscar-winner Jennifer Lawrence, has managed to destroy the high-tech dome in which she and 23 other “tributes” from the 12 districts of the nation of Panem were fighting each other to death. The previous year, […]

The Theory of Everything

also playing Stephen Hawking is the most famous living physicist, if not the most famous living scientist, in the world. Hawking is best known for being debilitated by a motor neuron disease; he is almost completely paralyzed and communicates only through an electronic voice box. His first wife, Jane, wrote a memoir about their marriage, […]

A friend in trouble

Everyone wonders how someone should handle the delicate situation of when a friend is at the center of a public firestorm. Should you defend your friend to the end? Should you say nothing because all you know is the friend has been a wonderful leader and nice guy as far as you can tell? Does […]

New report underlines success of City’s ‘Clean Needle Exchange Program’

The city’s medical services director, Dr. James Dunford told a City Council committee Nov. 13 that more than 2.5 million dirty needles were properly disposed of since the start of the city’s Clean Syringe Exchange Program. Presenting the Safe Point San Diego Clean Syringe Exchange Program Annual Report for fiscal year 2014 Dunford then asked […]

‘Peep Bandit’ gets eight years for robbery spree

The “Peep Bandit” who robbed adult bookstores and other businesses was sentenced Nov. 18 to eight years in prison and ordered to pay $1,914.14 to the adult businesses. Additionally, Oscar Augustin Smith Jr., 29, was ordered to pay $544.72 to two sandwich shops and 7-Eleven by San Diego Superior Court Judge Timothy Walsh, who said […]

A turkey tale

Thanksgiving is almost over, but as it is too soon for the religious elves and snowman, I’ll tell you of the Thanksgiving dinner I gave in my first year of teaching. Deciding to duplicate the happy ambiance of the famous Norman Rockwell tribute to Thanksgiving, I invited three equally new, young teachers and, in a […]

Pride Card Deals


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