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Happy and healthy adjectives

Commentary: The Art of Wellness

Have you ever been described as energetic, vibrant, productive, optimistic and confident? That sounds like the perfect person to hire for the job or the perfect person to be your friend. Exercise makes it all possible for these adjectives to attach to your persona. Exercise creates a healthier body and mind and that makes for a dynamic duo that leaves Batman and Robin green with envy.

People that engage in regular exercise are much more prone to be energetic. That means not needing eight cups of coffee to keep you going each day. That means not needing to sit down and rest after ascending three flights of stairs after reading the out of order sign on the elevator. That means you get the green light more than the red light when negotiating the streets of life. Frequent workouts give you much more stamina in your everyday routine.

Vibrant is described as pulsating with life, vigor or activity according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary. That is certainly the word I would attach to anyone I have ever known who has been a frequent visitor to fitness programs. Fitness activity encourages one to take life by the horns and hold on for the ride of their life. That sounds vibrant to me and I want some of that for myself!

Individuals that make fitness a priority tend to be much more productive in all facets of their lives. Their bosses at work reap the benefits of output from them that is both effective and efficient. Their significant others tend to see more lively displays of pyrotechnic passion in the bedroom. Their friends and colleagues experience a person that is much more likely to achieve success than most other people. Routine physical activity fosters excellent productivity.

Round up the usual suspects from the gym and I’m sure you’ll see that they are quite optimistic. A daily dose of the gym has its privileges. Those privileges include longer living, fewer illnesses, more meaningful relationships, and overall better quality of life. It is easy to see how someone can be optimistic about life when there is a prognosis like this. Optimism is very contagious; go get infected at your local gym.

People exude a confident nature when they involve exercise as a portion of their daily ritual. There is more confidence when seeking out a mate. There is more confidence when making a presentation at work. There is a greater proclivity to be confident when you appear healthy to the masses. Confidence becomes part of who you are when you are in better shape and that can only lead you to a better place.

You just need a desire to improve your life and the impetus to get it going. Go out and earn your healthy adjectives today!

This article of you can do it is brought to you by the guy with the sui generis personality. That unique guy is Ron Blake and he can be found in a healthy state of mind at rblake5551@hotmail.com.

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