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Simple Summer changes

The Art of Wellness

Summer is here and I’ve decided I want this to be a hugely happy heck of a healthy season. So I made some cool changes to my routine on this hot summer day today. I am really now inspired and think I can do this healthy thing all throughout June, July, and August.

I woke up and was not in a good mood. So I just changed that to a happy mood. It took just moments and I was feeling better. It was surprisingly easy and it baffled me. There are so many people I meet each day that are angry and mad at the world. Not sure if they are aware of how they can just change their mood and their wellness.

I put on sunscreen before heading out the door. I knew I’d be spending plenty of time outdoors and I’ve heard it’s a very good idea to protect your skin from those damaging rays of the sun. Today I thought I’d give it a try. It wasn’t painful and it took about two minutes of my time. It smelled like the beach and it was so coconutty cool.

I drank a big glass of water at lunch with my coworkers. I wasn’t quite sure what would happen without my tall and neat Dr. Pepper. I still ordered my sandwich and chips and those were so delicious despite the absence of the soda pop. My server put a cucumber in my water glass and it was extremely refreshing. I can do this whole water drinking thing.

I walked my dog for 30 minutes longer than normal when I got home from work. He really seemed to like being on his unexpected extended journey. His tail was wagging the entire time so I took that as a fantastic sign of good news. This additional exercise is most certainly good news for my well-being too.

I ordered dinner on the healthy menu from the restaurant down the street. It turned out to be really tasty food. I’d even order it again. Half the calories and so much less fat for the same price.

I even took my bike out of the garage and rode it to Applebee’s to pick up my food order. It didn’t take all that much longer than if I’d had driven my car. It was pretty nifty and made me feel youthful and fit and like a carefree kid without a license.

After dinner, I called up my buddy and scheduled a time to go hiking over the weekend. I heard the weather was going to be amazing. Sunny and in the low 60’s for the early morning on Saturday. It’s been some time since I’ve been to that state park and this will be so much healthier than sitting on my couch watching TV.

I went to bed at 10PM instead of my usual midnight lights out scenario. This gave me two more hours of sleep than I am used to getting as a night owl. It will be great to not have to struggle to get out of bed the next morning. A super sleep schedule can make all the difference in the world for making life work just right.

It has all been so very simple to do and it merely took one day for me to understand that. Just some basic changes to my summer situation and I’m prepared to get some wildly wonderful wellness out of it all. Get your sunglasses and join me. It’s gonna be a bright and sunny summer!

This healthy article of flip flops and fun is brought to you by that guy of gentle waves. That guy with sand between his toes is Ron Blake and he can be reached at his beach blanket at rblake5551@hotmail.com.

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