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The Art of Wellness

You are the human resources manager and you get down to the last two candidates for the position of blah blah blah. You thought decisions this difficult could never land in your lap, but here it is …waiting for your answer. Both applicants are outstanding and have the skills to move forward with success. You could continue with the Final Jeopardy music or just choose the one with that extra special something. It’s the fitness guy who runs marathons when he’s not punching the time clock.

The fitness guy has tremendous discipline. He can train for five months for an event that only lasts a few hours. He can bypass the most fun events during that training period because he’s got his eye on the prize and knows he can’t give in to his temptations. This is the person you want when you have only two months to implement the new system throughout your corporate office. Your perfect pick is the fitness guy.

The fitness guy is determined and resilient. He knows what it is like to experience Murphy’s Law and has adapted quite well.  He managed to finish all 26.2 miles of his fourth marathon despite a nasty bout with diarrhea that added a staccato cadence to his race day. He’s even managed to make it to the starting line each time after alarm clock mishaps, insomnia, and freeway traffic congestion have tried in vain to yaw him from his course. Problems always seem to pop up at the most inopportune times in your nine office locations. Your piece de resistance is that fitness guy!

The fitness guy is goal driven.  He sets his goal finish times at the outset of his training and continuously works toward the light adorning the end of the tunnel. He wakes at 4AM on weekdays to get those training runs in before the roosters crow to wake the rest of us. He knows that doughnuts, coffee, and cigarettes aren’t part of the daily agenda and he steers clear of these barnacles of badness. He has consistently been a man with a plan and that never hurts in business. Your choice is the fitness guy.

The fitness guy is healthy. People of his ilk tend not to call off work. They tend not to take six smoking breaks throughout the day. People of fitness tend to be more productive, creative, and punctual with better memory retention and concentration than their counterparts who aren’t so adept at fitness. The corporate suits will smile all day long at valued attributes like that. You’re holding a royal flush with the fitness guy.

The fitness guy has excellent time management skills. He can wake before the sun and log twelve miles of running before a shower and breakfast have him out the door and to work. He puts in an honest day’s work before engaging in a one hour weight training session at the gym in the early evening. It’s then time to juggle the demands of the family and domestic duties before getting to bed for the required eight hours of sleep. Company projects work well with time management. You can’t pass up this fitness guy.

As the interviewer, you want to hire that fitness enthusiast. As the interviewee, you want to be the fitness enthusiast and you want to talk about it during the interview process. I’ve run five marathons and numerous half marathons…anyone hiring?

This wellness article is brought to you by that guy with original copies. That oxymoronic guy is Ron Blake and he can be found clearly misunderstood at rblake5551@hotmail.com.

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