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The Art of Wellness

How difficult is it to be positive about life? Another suicide bomber strikes a marketplace in Iraq. Three indicted on child pornography charges. Four die in a drinking and driving accident. Another government scandal. Enough already!

We live in a sea of troubled waters. It is time to steer your ship toward the peacefulness of positivity. I want you to grab a paper and pen and write every positive thought you can conjure up in the next ten minutes. Then check back and see how our lists compare. My ten minutes starts now:

Walking a dog in the park.

Buying popsicles from the ice cream truck.

Taking a long hot shower.

Sitting around a fire pit on a cool spring night.

Watching Sunset Boulevard.

Finding a five dollar bill in that jacket in the closet.

Your favorite song from 1988.

Wheel of fortune.

Washing your car.

Wrapping yourself in a warm towel from the dryer.

Chocolate nuggets from Hershey.

Sunsets behind the mountains.

Tax rebates.

Eight hours of sleep.

Plush carpeting.

Air conditioning in July.

Zero percent interest.

Thank you cards.

Twenty-four hour stores.

Police and fire protection.

Shrek and donkey.

Rock Hudson and Doris Day.

Photo albums.

Mystery novels on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Hummingbirds outside the kitchen window.

There are many positive thoughts just floating around. Don’t let the negative aspects of life block out your rays of sunshine. This positive exercise is just as important as those physical exercises in the gym.

Your health is very dependent on your frame of mind. When dark clouds are gathering next time, grab that paper and pen and spend ten minutes in the warmth of the positive realm of the world.

This wellness is brought to you by that guy who knows there must be a Roy G. Biv living next to someone in some neighborhood. That guy is Ron Blake and he can be found at the end of the rainbow at

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